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★ Kizomba Intensive 8 weeks course ★ JAN / FEB 2024

‼️Kizomba intensive 8 weeks course ‼️
15/01 to 4/03 7pm – 9.30pm (Include 30 mins practise)
Whether you’re just starting or working to sharpen your skills, our 8-week deep dive will transform your dancing. Step-by-step, we build the solid base for artistic style to shine through.
You’ll move beyond just memorising moves into truly understanding how to feel rhythm, lead/follow signals and interpret music. We unlock the “secrets” so concepts click quickly. Together, each week feels like an “aha” moment.
Soon you’ll glide across the floor with poise, hits and pauses speaking the unspoken language between partners. No more thinking – just feeling, free to play, create. Your renewed foundations free you to confidently shine your brightest, most authentic self.
In just 2 months, your growth will astonish you. Join us as we fan your Kizomba passion into bold self-expression. Find the joy when dances stop being work and start being play!
★ Join the Beginner’s Stolid, make your dance dreams a reality – Don’t miss out on discovering your talent for Kizomba.
In only 8 action-packed Mondays, you’ll:
* Master solid foundations – posture, syncopations, travelling in circle, style,
* Gain total control of your lead & follow, stepping and more variations.
* Develop skills to dance confidently all night!
Here’s what’s included:
* 2 hours of customised hands-on lessons on each evening for 8 weeks
* 30 mins of practice with direct coaching for 8 weeks
* Future 2-day bootcamp for next-level skills (dates coming soon)
▪️PRICES : 8 weeks

BARGAIN Special offer NOW £90

Then £110

Drop in £15

Contact us at admin@gingaboo.com to register yourself and make payment.
★ADDRESS : Central London
Revolution London – Leadenhall
140-144 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4QT
5 minutes walk from Bank or Monument station. Buses all night
The venue is cashless, make sure to bring you card for payment.
E-mail : admin@gingaboo.com
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