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Tarraxo School London

Tarraxo School London is back !!!

Brought to you by Gwany, co-creator of Tarraxo & Ginga Boo UK, join the first certified tarraxo school in the UK with local and international teachers.

You know the drill, we’re back to school for another 4-week course, covering everything from Tarraxo technique and basics to body movement and what we tarraxo dancers call “sauce” ?

Whether you’re an experienced dancer looking to perfect your skills or a newcomer to the scene, our workshops have something for everyone.

Click the link for all info :
★ Ginga Boo UK Kizomba Festival 7th-9th June 2024

★ Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival 5th edition 7-8-9th June 2024 ★


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E-mail : admin@gingaboo.com
Facebook page : Ginga Boo UK
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