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Welcome Beginners

Dear Beginner

Welcome to the dance world. A world filled with so many exotic moments. I am thrilled by your purpose and determination to join our world. You have come at the right time and trust me, it will be worthwhile. The people, the memorable dances, and the fun will soon start rolling in.

As you prepare to step into the exciting world of social dance, I must make you ready by sharing something really important with you. It will make you completely ready for this adventure.

You are wondering what I have to say, but you already know it. You will have to deal with some ‘No.’

Believe me, I understand how a ‘No’ can spoil your mood and squash your excitement, that is why we are having this conversation. I need you to know that anytime you get a ‘No’, it is not a rejection.

Many times, when someone says ‘No’ on the dance floor, it is usually for a good reason, one that they might not be so quick to share. For some, it’s because they wanted to steal the moment to get a drink, use the restroom, catch up with a friend or just take a break from all the dancing. That is a genuine excuse don’t you think?

For others, it’s about their mood. Their last dance experience probably annoyed them or they might just be in a very sour mood. Or maybe the music does not connect with them. Also, they may just feel it’s unnecessary to add an explanation to their ‘No’.

You see that most times, the ‘No’  isn’t about you, even if it’s not said. But I cannot deny that there will be times when you will meet people who just want to snob you. Whether it’s because they think you don’t have enough experience, exposure, or because they don’t like how you look, it is about them not you. There is no time to bug your head about their attitudinal problems when there is so much fun to be had right?

You see why you shouldn’t judge anyone for saying ‘No’ to you. Their reason may just be valid. So no judgments unless they say it in your face. Meanwhile, remember not to miss a second of fun on account of anyone.

However, there may be times when the ‘No’ is about you. Yes!

It may not be because of something you are conscious of, like how you smell, your dance skill or interpersonal skills. When you dance, you must make yourself as attractive as possible so that you and your partner can have the best dance experience.

Take care of your body and ask the opinion of a trusted friend. If you smell bad, take a shower before every dance and come with a change of clothes. If you use too much scent, tune it down a bit. Many people have allergies and too much scent is a major turn-off. If you suspect it is your dance skill, speak with your dance teacher for help. Only your dance teacher can help you correct such error remember.

Very importantly, when on the dance floor, treat people nicely. Such treatment is often reciprocated and people see how you treat others. Don’t try to correct your partner on the dance floor, it is your dance teacher’s job, not yours. And, even if your partner seems to be missing the timing, just dance with them and have fun, please don’t correct.

Now I know you are ready (in every possible way) to begin your adventure. Remember, no one would spoil your fun unless you let them. Enjoy yourself and support other newbies on the dance floor. Welcome!