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Our Criola London - Mini festival | UK Open Coopetition December 23- Edition was a great success, here is what some of the dancers are saying about it...

Still recovering from this amazing weekend ❤️ So many emotions and it was great to see everyone x Congrats to the winners of the competition and to everyone that took part! Very well done 🥰 Also very well done to Sonny Varela and her team for making it happen and, on top of this, for an amazing show 👏


Massive Congratulations Sonny Varela, you hosted a world class event and we could all see the amount of work into making this all come together 🫶🔝🔥


Huge thanks to Sonny Varela and the Criola team for making the mini festival and dance competition such a success . ❤❤❤ The classes were enjoyable,( such a wide choice ) with good quality teaching . The dancers in the competition were truly amazing, and were of such a high standard. It was wonderful to see them live , and to cheer them on 🤩🤩🤩. I left Saturday night ( on a high😁 ) and missed the solo dancers , sadly. The evening parties were full of great music , good vibes , and friendly taxi dancers.

Folly Golding

Thank you for an amazing weekend 💕


Thank you for organising such an outstanding festival. I can not wait for the next one.


Big cheers to Sonny Varela for orchestrating the first solo styling competition. Sonny, your vision gave us a unique stage to shine, solo but strong. 💪 You're not just an organizer; you're a trailblazer in the dance world! 🚀


Thank you Sonny Varela for organising such a great competition...and giving dancers throughout the UK an opportunity to improve and showcase their talent. Your services to the dance community are commendable and admirable. Well done to you and your team! 👏👏👏

Karl Gee

Sonny Varela thank you for organising another fantastic weekend event! The performances were fantastic and the classes were great fun! I loved the performance you and Elisha gave too, it was brilliant! 🔥😎🔥🎶🎵


What a great event you created Sonny Varela. The opportunity you gave for so many dancers to compete and share their style. X


Thank you for the invite. It was a great pleasure to be part of it and see some people I haven't seen for a long time. And keep doing the great job Congratulations


Hi Sonny, Thank you for inviting me and for trusting in my ability. Welldone to you for putting it together. I hope you managed to have some fun too, and now fully recovered. Xx


Thank you for asking me, it was a pleasure to be a part of it. I had such a great time, thank you for all your hard work 😊❤ take care xx


Guys - just wanted to say, we had an amazing weekend. I love the support in this community. Massive thanks to @Sonny Varela for doing so much and still being so supportive and motivational towards us all. You are a role model and I don't say that lightly. Congratulations to all the winners again!


Thank you for the opportunity. I think you did a really good thing for the scene.


Having a fantastic time with lots of great classes and dancers, at this very friendly, welcoming event. I'm already exhausted, but looking forward to tonight and doing it all again soon! 🎶🎵⭐😎✨💕

Mark Gibson

What can I say, what a terrific weekend I had a great time. Thank you Sonny and your fabulous team. To the wonderful teachers for sharing their knowledge. Thank you. Then those fantastic DJ's who were on fire 🔥 and kept us dancing and finally to all you lovely ladies for your beautiful dances I loved every one of them 💃🕺🍾🥂🎉💃🕺🎄🎁🥳💃🕺❤️😘😘

Eddie Courtman

Hey Sonny, how are you doing? I hope you've recovered well, thanks once again for hosting a brilliant event, The choreo performances were amazing 🔥🫶😍


I'm still high from all the energy from this weekend! It was beautiful to be part of it and I think we all felt the UK has grown so much due to everyone's hard work! Well done again!


Thank you for the opportunity and for building something so wonderful for our dance community to enjoy and be inspired by. It was a beautiful weekend and I seriously can't wait till next year. Beautiful energy, people and dancing. ❤️ we see and appreciate your hard work and dedication


Well done Sonny Varela to you and your amazing team. You guys worked so hard to make this amazing event 🔥🔝


🥹🥹🥹 What an amazing weekend 🔥🔥🔥


Our Ginga Boo Kizomba Festival UK – June 2023 Edition was a great success, here is what some of the dancers are saying about it...

I’m back home now after an exceptionally wonderful weekend at the Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival in Milton Keynes. Everyone who was there already knows how brilliant it was, but here’s my report for anyone else interested. The elements contributing to the perfection were: firstly, Sonny Varela’s superb organisation, assisted by a large team of hardworking helpers, her attention to detail and concern to ensure everyone was happy and enjoying themselves; also, a perfect venue - the silky smooth wooden floor and the high domed ceiling of the modern Church of Christ The Cornerstone made for heavenly dancing; the fantastic music all weekend from a team of excellent DJs; great workshops taught by the very best teachers; spectacular performances on Saturday night from the fabulous Christina Mcintosh, the absolutely gob-smackingly amazing Jeydikson Lima and the Ginga Boo ladies performance team; the friendliness and positive energy of all the festival goers and the high standard of dancing. Sheer bliss!

Sue Copeland

Congrats to all the team ... organising any event is never easy but absolutely smashing it is something else. Its in the diary A big well done to the one and only organiser of this festival - Sonny Varela aka Miss Ginga Boo. I know people saw me running around during the festival looking very focused at times (thank you to all who reminded me to smile) but this lady has worked tirelessly to make this festival a success since the last years festival. This festival was a success because of her. Even with all the unplanned stresses that happened during the festival, she still managed to keep a level head and deal with them. I considered myself privileged to see some of the work that has been involved behind the scenes to make the festival a success. Her work ethic, determination and resilience is simply insane and inspiring.

Elisha Sevvume

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for organising such a spectacular Gingaboo Kizomba Festival 2023 in Milton Keynes! It was hands down the best festival I have ever attended. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it and it would not have been possible without all of your hard work and effort. The location of the festival was absolutely stunning and the smooth dance floors made for a seamless dance experience. The night show was beyond amazing with the Gingaboo ladies team shining so bright. The event was so well-organised, which is a true testament to the amount of effort you both put into it. What also really stood out for me was the amazing dancers who were there. Each one brought great energy to the dance floor and made every dance a memorable experience. The atmosphere was electric and all thanks to your expertise in curating such an amazing event. I can't thank you both enough for all that you have done. It was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget. You both are truly an inspiration for dancers and festival organisers alike. Thank you so much again for giving us this incredible opportunity. You can be sure that I will be attending every festival that you both organise in the future!


Honestly Ginga Boo UK festival is so close to my heart! I have no idea how Sonny Varela & Elisha Sevvume do it, but they always manage to bring the best quality and the best vibes, so huge well done and thank you! Huge thank you to all artists and djs for giving your 150% and thank you to everyone for all my dances and chats! Absolutely loved it and can't believe it's already over PS: Saturday 5 am, I almost cried when the party finished as I still wanted to dance, anybody relate with me here

Alexandra Cojan

I have no words to describe how much amazing its been this weekend....a lots of amazing people and amazing dancers.....the location was so lovely....the best event I never never ever had in my life a lots of thanks to the organisers....I hope to see you all very soon on the dance floor to destroy our feet again....hahahaha....

Felicia de Roberto

Driving home in broad daylight with the birds singing wasnt part of the plan last night but OMG it was too good to leave. Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival 16th - 18th June 2023 what a night to kick off... if your thinking about going..... then DO IT - the dancing and music was on fire. 7 hours of non stop dancing ....thankyou Sonny Varela for having me and everyone for my beautiful dances, chats and giggles

Amanda Forster

Hi Sonny. Thanks so much for thinking of me. Greatly appreciated. Yes I had the most AMAZING time at Ginga Boo, thanks. You and your team did a great job. I loved EVERY second of it. Will defo be there again next year. Thanks a mill for bringing Enah, what an absolute treat. Hope you are well and recovered now from all your hard work on making the Congress another wonderful success. Well done. xxx

Deborah Tong

I had fun for sure and loads of good dances, still my favourite UK festival. The venue is beautiful to dance in. Djs in the main room were great, I really enjoyed Sunday too when there was a mix of music, nothing to hardcore urban which kept me dancing all the time.

Mathew Coffin

You did an amazing job hun, yes I had a fabulous time and literally danced non stop with some beautiful dances. Next year I would love to be there the whole weekend - its in the diary!!


Our Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – March Edition was a great success, here is what some of the dancers are saying about it...

Milton Keynes loved having you - I had an amazing time - thanks to everyone involved & for all the lessons & dances will see you soon


You should be so proud of yourself Sonny Varela ! To do what you’ve done! That takes a lot! You are right nothing or nobody is perfect. But it was a great 3 days and nights and me and girls are still buzzing! So many great moments to remember! Can’t wait for the next one !


Thank you Sonny and wish you all the best bless top teacher.


Well done! amazing job! I had a great time


I even enjoyed some Urban Kiz dances with your French guys!


Thank you SV and the Ginga Boo team great festival no doubt we did a great job.


Tbh the vibe was great because you @Sonny Varela choose good vibe artists! Keep working hard it! #teamwork


I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, thank you so much babe. I’m so proud of you. You absolutely nailed it, everyone was happy and having a good time. I have so much respect and admiration for you. You really are my role model, strong independent, successful woman. I’m so privileged your my friend, I love you xxxx


Beautiful words Sonny ... It was an immense pleasure having you teaching for us at TLC Kizomba and Southampton kizombeiros will never forget that evening! ???? But the biggest pleasure for me has been getting to know you over the year and becoming your friend ?. I learnt a lot by seeing you working, and if I have to chose a few words to define you would be ‘the one that has the passion and strength to follow her dreams and make them come true’ And that my dear friend is the gift you give to people, passion and strength ? Cheers to you and to the New Year, 2018 we are ready!! ????


Excellent teachers, great masterclasses, awesome Djs, and a really friendly atmosphere Well done Sonny and team!


Thank you everyone for your brilliant energy and the atmosphere we all created was freaking amazing, always a please to see and share moments with you guys keep up the good works and see you all very soon.


it was lovely to meet you all thank you for receiving me so well .Sonny Vare your an amazing lady .good vibes come from great people .x


You are an amazing teacher Sonny. Your words of encouragement have helped ensure I don't give up and that I keep on trying. I finally feel like my dancing is improving and I look forward to learning more this year and laughing lots along the way too xxxx


Great job Sonny Varela and all the team.


Thank you Sonny and the team, you have done an amazing job for your 1st Festival. It was a great pleasure to work with you all and the artist/Djs and also meet you all. Hope to see you soon


I'm sure organizing something like this is really difficult. You did a fab job. I found the parties friendly and had a blast. The music was great and I had some awesome dances xx


Sonny, you have done a super successful event, something which is extremely hard to achieve in the UK. it was pleasure to teach at the festival in my country, to see people wanting to learn, enjoying the music, having so much fun . its a great beginning. well done!!


See you all to the next one 😉 One Love Was Amazing!


Love you ? - Madam French and her always ambitious, creative & talented mind! 2018 is your year in every way possible - may you reap in success in its deserved manner ?


Well done Sonny and team for this first edition. Really good vibes Shame I couldn’t stay for the parties See you all very soon xx


Thanks for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to share my music with so many wonderful dancers, I'm looking forward to the next one already! Respect!


Hahahahaha I was suprised you asked me to do the demo with you lol but at the same time it's a confidence builder! Thankyou Sonny Varela for the awesome lesson and the opportunity! Also Rhett Costin was on fire on the decks! A great kizomba co op it was great.


Thank you Sonny for your vision of GBKF, your bravery to go through with it, your belief in us that we would not let you down and all your hard work that goes into the making of a festival! Ups & downs, mishaps and catastrophes all make the next GBKF EVEN BETTER!!!! ROLL ON GBKF 2nd Edition!!!!! What a massive achievement!!! Thank you & love you too from both of us (Lizzie Wadman & Mathew Wadman aka DJ Ruivo)


Congratulations Sonny Varela Promotions for organising this event and providing a great opportunity to dance with and learn from some amazing dancers. Well done to all involved xx