Carie Willis

Milton Keynes loved having you - I had an amazing time - thanks to everyone involved & for all the lessons & dances :kiss::heart_eyes: will see you soon

Ellie Wi

You should be so proud of yourself Sonny Varela ! To do what you’ve done! That takes a lot! You are right nothing or nobody is perfect. But it was a great 3 days and nights and me and girls are still buzzing! So many great moments to remember! Can’t wait for the next one ! :heart::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Miro Kikola 

Thank you Sonny and wish you all the best bless top teacher.


Well done! amazing job! I had a great time :slightly_smiling_face:


I even enjoyed some Urban Kiz dances with your French guys!

Miro Kikola

Thank you SV and the Ginga Boo team great festival:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: no doubt we did a great job.

Super DX

Tbh the vibe was great because you @Sonny Varela choose good vibe artists! Keep working hard it! #teamwork


I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, thank you so much babe. I’m so proud of you. You absolutely nailed it, everyone was happy and having a good time. I have so much respect and admiration for you. You really are my role model, strong :muscle: independent, successful woman. I’m so privileged your my friend, I love you :kissing_heart: xxxx

Tania-Morgan Alcantarilla

Beautiful words Sonny ... It was an immense pleasure having you teaching for us at TLC Kizomba and Southampton kizombeiros will never forget that evening! ???? But the biggest pleasure for me has been getting to know you over the year and becoming your friend ?. I learnt a lot by seeing you working, and if I have to chose a few words to define you would be ‘the one that has the passion and strength to follow her dreams and make them come true’ And that my dear friend is the gift you give to people, passion and strength ? Cheers to you and to the New Year, 2018 we are ready!! ????

Tania-Morgan Alcantarilla

Excellent teachers, great masterclasses, awesome Djs, and a really friendly atmosphere :blush: Well done Sonny and team! :blush:

Lio Frio

Thank you everyone for your brilliant energy and the atmosphere we all created was freaking amazing, always a please to see and share moments with you guys :heart: keep up the good works and see you all very soon.


it was lovely to meet you all thank you for receiving me so well .Sonny Vare your an amazing lady .good vibes come from great people .x:pray::wink:

Jude Waters

You are an amazing teacher Sonny. Your words of encouragement have helped ensure I don't give up and that I keep on trying. I finally feel like my dancing is improving and I look forward to learning more this year and laughing lots along the way too xxxx

Claire O Meara

Great job Sonny Varela and all the team .:kissing_heart::clap::clap::clap::flag-ie::flag-ie:


Thank you Sonny and the team, you have done an amazing job for your 1st Festival. It was a great pleasure to work with you all and the artist/Djs and also meet you all. Hope to see you soon :heart:

Clare Stevenson

I'm sure organizing something like this is really difficult. You did a fab job. I found the parties friendly and had a blast. The music was great and I had some awesome dances xx

Svetlana DolceVita

Sonny, you have done a super successful event, something which is extremely hard to achieve in the UK. it was pleasure to teach at the festival in my country, to see people wanting to learn, enjoying the music, having so much fun . its a great beginning. well done!!

Fernando Traquino

See you all to the next one 😉 One Love :man_dancing::dancer::flag-ao: Was Amazing!

Stephanie Tong

Love you ? - Madam French and her always ambitious, creative & talented mind! 2018 is your year in every way possible - may you reap in success in its deserved manner ?

Sika Sika

Well done Sonny and team for this first edition. Really good vibes :ok_hand: Shame I couldn’t stay for the parties :breast-feeding: See you all very soon xx


Thanks for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to share my music with so many wonderful dancers, I'm looking forward to the next one already! Respect!

Wesley Alcinder

Hahahahaha I was suprised you asked me to do the demo with you lol but at the same time it's a confidence builder! Thankyou Sonny Varela for the awesome lesson and the opportunity! Also Rhett Costin was on fire on the decks! A great kizomba co op it was great.

Lizzie Wadman

:hearts::hearts: Thank you Sonny for your vision of GBKF, your bravery to go through with it, your belief in us that we would not let you down and all your hard work that goes into the making of a festival! Ups & downs, mishaps and catastrophes all make the next GBKF EVEN BETTER!!!! ROLL ON GBKF 2nd Edition!!!!! What a massive achievement!!! :hearts::hearts: Thank you & love you too from both of us (Lizzie Wadman & Mathew Wadman aka DJ Ruivo) :hearts::hearts: :kissing_heart:

Kerry Lisa

Congratulations Sonny Varela Promotions for organising this event and providing a great opportunity to dance with and learn from some amazing dancers. Well done to all involved :blush: xx

Stephanie Tong

Amazing :raised_hands: Well done Sonny Varela... we know it has been a rollercoaster, but one I hope you enjoyed riding. Through it's ups and downs and amazing turn arounds (I'm a poet and I didn't know it - ha!). May you be blessed with a beautiful future and rock it out for your next festival :ok_hand::facepunch::kiss::heart::tongue::boom::heartbeat:

Vipula Wijesiri

Really enjoyed the festival and learned a lot. Even a small misunderstanding about the registration was promptly rectified. Everyone was friendly.. Thanks Sonny and the team for a great job...:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

Ruben Heitor 

You’re special woman ??✌????

Lucia Nogueira

I loved the atmosphere. Thank you Sonny ♡♡♡

Sian K Best

Such a friendly atmosphere. Great music, great dancers. Thankyou so much. Really enjoyed it. :kissing_heart:

Alvin & Raluca

Still buzzing from the Festival! Thank you Sonny and The Ginga Boo Team for putting on an awesome festival! Honestly, you guys did really well, especially for the first festival. :heart_eyes:

The next will be even better!

Abes Cisse

A big thank to Sonny and her team they have very well. Thank you to all the artists and it was a pleasure meeting y'all.

Domingos Jorge Bartolomeu

Sonny Varela you and your team well done. Great teachers and Djs. Amazing people. Thank you everyone 😉 Saynomore


Guys, what I will keep in my at the Ginga Boo festival was the atmosphere! The people made this festival! Many people told me that in the UK it's extremely difficult to organize festivals, especially when you bring new styles like Urbankiz! So it was definitely a great shot! Thank you to Sonny and the Sonny's angels for the organisation and the great food :slightly_smiling_face:

Aiofe Heffe

Thank you so much!!! This was such a super festival!!! Had so much fun!!! Grateful to everyone involved n part of it. Everybody was so friendly n welcoming. Had super dances. Sorry i didnt get to dance with all. Thanks again. Will defo be back for more!!! :dancer::man_dancing::clap::ok_hand::sparkling_heart::blush:

Yoann C-yø Klein Soares

Congratulation my friend. You are killing it so proud of Youuuuuuu :hearts:

P Ann Jackson

Sonny and team you did well! It was a very enjoyable weekend and well organised with great artists! Well done!!

Zeca Djcubanito

Great venue,atmosphere ..Thank you xxx


So talented, inspiring and such a pleasure to watch xxx

Francesca x

Amazing :heart_eyes::raised_hands:.. thanx for sharing Sonny :kissing_heart:. if its possible u have both gone on to consistently get better & better..:man_dancing::dancer::fire::fire::heart_eyes:


Thank you so much for sharing all ur skills, knowledge and ideias to get better and better in Newcastle. Very grateful for your hard work last night :pray: We are here to improve and to bring amazing teacher like you and many more to our amazing kizomba students. Much Love :two_hearts: xxx


You are freaking incredible. Full of admiration. You are the Queen of Kizomba. Keep up your good work. XXX

Liliana Ova

Its our pleasure to have a teacher like you in here with so many talent, skills, quality.... to show our students quality lesson and help them to improve :heart: I received enormous birthday presents and card but one i will never forget and means everything to me and Tó is everything what have u adviced and done for us :pray::two_hearts:xx

Elane McGowan

Sonny, Liliana and Kizomba Mangole Partys To Correia thank you for an amazing night. :two_hearts::two_hearts::footprints::footprints::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::tada::tada::birthday::birthday:. When your feet hurt from all the dancing and your face hurts from smiling and laughing all night you know you’re lucky to have such great friends and an amazing teacher in your life.:footprints::footprints::two_hearts::two_hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::notes::notes:. Sonny you’re energy was so infectious everyone in the room caught it. :footprints::footprints::two_hearts::two_hearts:Your class challenging, raising our game and bringing out the best in us.