Dance Video Challenges

Sonny Varela aka Miss Ginga Boo | UK 

Miss Ginga Boo | UK | has been keeping busy looking after the girls during the lockdown with Ladies Video Challenges. We use a powerfully effective format to help our ladies to keep dancing and improving at home during this difficult time. A dance choreography is provided in an online class via Zoom, followed by individual coaching and personal feedback throughout practice and up until the video is ready to be posted online!

This an amazing opportunity to further your skills, build on natural movement, get lots of practice and boost your confidence as a dancer!

Join us for this unique opportunity to keep the positive energy and dance and improve while staying at home.

Exciting New Opportunity for few Special Ladies!

We have an incredible opportunity opening up for limited number of ladies at the end of October with a NEW Stunning, African and yet Powerful Dance Video Challenge.

Following the enormous success of our last 2 projects with Kizomba & Afro Gold Boy -Nipepee with 10 fabulous ladies and Kizomba No Pe by Filho Da Zua song and 5 gorgeous ladies, we decided to launch a NEW video challenge to allow our passion to reach even further.

The training will be offered with a combine Online Zoom & studio training and will run for 6 weeks. Once the training is complete, we will meet to shoot the video with us all dancing together.

The Choreography will focus on Semba and will incorporate a magical sprinkle of other African dance styles too!

Throughout the 6 weeks, you will receive the following EVERY WEEK!

* 2 Online Classes * Studio session ( towards the end)
* 2 Video Challenges | Personal 
* Lots of Practice (practice makes perfect) 
* Constant Personal Feedback along the way  * Individual coaching
* Break down of explanations of all the steps
* Break down with counts and to the music

Class Focus

* Control / Isolation and expression of body movement
* Posture & Balance
* Awareness of weight transfer
* Arms technique and how to create your arm fluidity
* Musicality
* Attitude & Confidence
* Learning other dance styles

We are looking for special ladies who would like to improve and take their dancing to the next level while boosting their confidence along the way.

If you think this is for you, email us at with your name, a picture. We will reply to you with all details you will want to know such as start date, training days, costs etc.

Semba men solo | London | UK  | October 2020

Kizomba, Afro and fusion dance styles... with 10 ladies in London | UK  | September 2020 

Kizomba dance video challenge w/ 5 ladies in Battersea Park  London|UK  August 2020 

Lady Kizomba video challenge | UK |  Bonifacio - Cantadas  | June 2020 

The Ginga Boo Ladies team |UK | Calema - Te Amo  | July 2020

Lady Kizomba video challenge  | UK | Puto Português - Paciencia  | August 2020


Our lovely students, their experiences, what they have learn ? how did they feel ?! etc... Listen from them directly!


Photo of our dance video challenges with lovely students/ dancers.