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★ Ginga Boo UK – UK OPEN 2023 Competition ★


General Information

  • The National Dance Championship is a competition of Kizomba & Urban Kiz, open to UK dancers only.
  • This is a competition widely open to dancers of all levels, accommodating all kind of styles.
  • Ginga Boo UK’s aim in organising this competition is to offer the opportunity to dancers to showcase their creativity & dance style and rejuvenate the UK dancing scene with fresh talent from a new generation.
  • Decisions and ratings of the jury will be final and without appeal. Any form of disrespect from the participants or coaches towards the jury, the organisation and/or the public in general, is highly prohibited.

UK Regional Qualification & National London Final

  • Regional qualifying heats will take place in cities across the United Kingdom. Cities to be announced in the coming weeks.
  • Couples selected in the regional heats will compete in The National Final which will be held in London, United Kingdom, during the Criola London Mini Festival 15-17th December 2023 Event
  • A minimum of 6 couples will be required to run the Final in London (three Kizomba couples & three Urban Kiz couples)

Participation And Representations

  • All participants must be 21 years of age or above.
  • Couples who win their regional qualifier will automatically advance to the Final in London.
  • Competing couples cannot change partners once they have qualified for the final
  • Competing in multiple qualifiers in different cities is permitted.
  • During the UK Open, competing couples can participate in other categories if they wish.
  • At the start of each stage of the competition a random draw will take place to determine the order of appearance for the couples.
  • The National championship’s organisation of the competition time & date will be made when the local / regional championships are completed.
  • Participating dancers cannot be part of the competition jury.
  • All accommodation and transport arrangements for regional heats and the final will be at the competitor’s cost.

Qualifying Heats

Below are the outlined elimination processes:

  • Free style / Improvisation section: To be 1 minute and 30 seconds long (Kizomba/ Urban Kiz / Ghetto Zouk)
  • Music will be chosen Ginga Boo UK, DJ’s or Local
  • The song selections will be released a few weeks before the elimination events so the contestants will know which song. they could possibly be dancing too. (Music selection has now been released right at the bottom of this page)
  • Contestants must wear matching outfits (it does not have to be a costume).
  • Between one and three competing couples will be permitted to go through to the London final from each region
  • NEW : We’ve made an exception for the London competition – one to four couples will be permitted to go through. With the wealth of talent in London, we want to give more dancers the opportunity to shine.
  • A WILD CARD couple could be selected at the discretion of the Regional or Main organisers.
  • *(Authorised to send extra couple through to the next phase having demonstrated good and quality performance)
  1. For the qualification process, the couples must confirm their participation at least 1 hour before the qualifiers begin.
  2. To participate to the Regional Qualifying Heats across the UK is FREE

NEW :  Jack & Jill Couple Match Kizomba & Urban Kiz Competition

The Jack & Jill competition will allow individuals to enter without a partner and demonstrate their skills in spontaneous dancing with a random partner. There is an inherent “luck of the draw” factor involved. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. If there are several additional couples, there will be few changes during the preliminary qualifier round.

Those scoring the highest will be called back later to dance an improvisation in the qualifier round on the same day/night to get a chance to win a place to go to the UK- London final and compete together as a couple.


The National Championship London Final will consist of two parts:

1st Part – Improvisation

This part requires the execution of an improvisation to music which is Kizomba /Urban Kiz/Ghetto Zouk. The Resident DJ of the event will select different songs (Kizomba/Urban Kiz/Ghetto Zouk) for each couple, depending on the dance category. This music (Kizomba/Urban Kiz) will have a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds, under the supervision of the organiser Ginga Boo UK.

A list of songs will be released nearer to the dates of the qualifiers to help participants know what to expect.

2nd Part – Show

This musical theme will be for a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds of the chosen category (Urban Kiz/Kizomba), mixing different types of Kizomba / Urban Kiz followed by 30 seconds of another rhythm/music/ style chosen by each participating couple.

This part requires a prepared, choreographed presentation. During the 2 minutes of show, participants will have to do:

  • 1:30 (one minute and thirty seconds) dancing to different types of music (Kizomba, Remix Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxinha, Semba, Urban Kiz).
  • 0:30 (thirty seconds) which will showcase their creativity, by mixing another rhythms/music/style of their choice (one or more), to a soundtrack of their choice.
  • Both the above points combine to make up the 2-minute total representation.

Couples must commit to the following:

  1. Their dance presentation will not exceed the 2 minutes allocated time.
  2. The mix used and the choreography sequence must be brand new. The use of previous mixes and choreography sequences from previous competitions or performance is prohibited and live music is prohibited.
  3. In the case of suspecting that any part or all a choreography has been repeated, the organising committee responsible for the performance of discipline and ethics will decide if and what penalty to apply (e.g. reduced points, disqualification).
  4. Improvisations are described as dances where the couples do not know which music they will be dancing to, which will be provided at the time, by the organisation.
  5. During the improvisation phase couples are allowed to repeat sequences of the same steps keeping the improvisation goal. “Improvisation” is not considered a” social dance” trick are allowed.
  6. Participants are recommended not to communicate with each other, with members of the public or members of the jury, and to avoid singing the song of their dance theme.
  7. In the event of an unforeseen anomaly on the dance floor, or with the audio support, couples must immediately inform the organisation.
  8. Participants will keep the same number throughout the competition.


  1. To participate on to the next round/ final in London, a £20 registration fee will be required.
  2. To participate in the final, you must obtain a full pass for the Criola London – Mini Festival.
  3. Couples cannot participate in any of the qualifying stages without first presenting the original of this regulation, signed by both parties responsible for the organisation (local or Ginga Boo UK).
  4. The use of props and decorations will be permitted during the performances if they are placed and removed from the scene by the competitors themselves.
  5. Costumes, makeup, and hairstyling in all phases of this event will be at the participants own cost.
  6. A different outfit/costume must be used for the qualifier and final.
  7. This is an event with assignment of rights. The use of brands or products during performances, is strictly prohibited.
  8. The organisation is not responsible for any loss or theft of personal items.
  9. Physical damage occurring at the different venues where the qualifying heats and the Final are being held will be the sole responsibility of each participant.
  10. Ginga Boo UK reserves the right to possess and have the use of any video and photography sequences or any other means of gathering audio and image communication of Competing couples from all the events in which they have participated in the contest.


  • The choreography and its soundtrack (Kizomba or Urban Kiz) is solely the couples’ responsibility.
  • Participants need to send their selected soundtracks to Ginga Boo UK for approval prior to the competition.
  • Participating couples will deliver the USB directly to the DJ, on the day before or on the same day as the competition. Any couple who does not deliver their music in one of the correct formats, and within the time scale outlined by the organisation will be disqualified, except in the case of exceptional circumstances.
  • Couples must have in their possession a copy of the USB in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Couples whose music does not comply with the regulations will be disqualified.


Formation Of the Jury

During the qualification phases couples will be judged by a 3-member jury and the National Final couples will be judged by a jury with a minimum of 5 -7 members.

  • Judges will include the following professions: Teachers, Performers, DJs, previous Competition Winners.
  • For the qualification phases they will be appointed by the Local organisers & along with the Main organisers in a joint decision
  • For the Final they will be appointed by the main organiser Ginga Boo UK.
  • During the competition there would be no direct communication between members of the jury and the competing couples. All channels of communication must be made via the organiser; Ginga Boo UK.


  1. The jury will judge the competing couples based purely on their performance at each event, not on prior knowledge of the technical and artistic capabilities of the competitors, or on personal relationships or matters unrelated to the competition.
  2. The jury must maintain a neutral stance during the competition to not influence participating couples. The jury is prohibited from providing any indication of the remaining time through signs or gestures.
  3. In respect of the participating couples, the Jury shall show no expression of irony, contentment, disgust or laughing. These behaviours are considered unethical.


The dancers will be evaluated according to these criteria:

  • TECHNICAL ABILITY – mastery and execution of movements.
  • CREATIVITY AND ORIGINALITY – use of new / different movements in the choreography.
  • RHYTHM AND INTERPRETATION – definition and consistent use of time during the execution of the dance and fluidity of body movements.
  • VISUAL PRESENTATION – couple aesthetics (hairstyle, costume, makeup, etc …).
  • CHOREOGRAPHY / CAPACITY OF IMPROVISATION – evolution of the dance; complexity, movement, synchronisation with the music.

The organisation will provide the jury with all necessary documents to do an assessment based on the above criteria.

Prices/Awards | National UK Championship

The competing couple that emerges as the winner will be crowned either UK Kizomba Champions or UK Urban Kiz Champions and will be awarded a medal in recognition of their winning status.

The competing couple who wins 1st place will not only be given the tittle of UK champions but will also be winning  £300 per couple. (1 Kizomba couple & 1 Urban Kiz couple).

The competing winning couples will advance directly to the  Olympiad semi final in France competition in 2024.(1st couple in Kizomba & 1 couple in Urban Kiz)

They will also be asked to perform their winning dance routine at different events across the UK. They will also get FREE passes to festivals in the UK & abroad.

The couples in 2nd and 3rd Place, will also be asked to perform their winning dance routines at events across the UK (Dates & events to be confirmed). They will also gain FREE passes for different festivals across the UK & abroad.

The top 3 couples of each category of the Kizomba – Urban Kiz championship must make themselves available for future events to claim their prizes when they are approached by Ginga Boo UK (information will be given in advance when necessary).

Penalties / Disqualifications

Offenses committed by a couple or one of its components, shall be punished as follows:

  • Non-compliance with the articles of this Regulation will result in the couples getting a reduction of points or being disqualified from the competition.
  • They may no longer participate in the competition and may be removed from the world ranking for a period of one month to one year, excluding them for the following Kizomba – Urban Kiz championship.
  • The weight of the sentence will be determined and applied by a disciplinary committee composed of members of the Jury and organisation.


This Regulation may undergo modifications, provided they are written down on the same document, and communicated by e-mail to all the local organisers (regional/national), and published on the website www.gingaboo.com,  five days before the date of entry.

If you would like to register to enter this competition please email us at admin@gingaboo.com with your full name, Dance Category and your desired city to compete in.

Once you have registered, we will send a hard copy of the rules for you to sign.

if you want to compete and do no have partner get in touch we can try to help partnering up.

I/We have read and accept in full, the terms and conditions and the rules of the UK Open 2023 Kizomba – Urban Kiz Championship.

By signing this document, I/We agree to participate in the competition and will adhere to the rules as laid out in the enclosed document.

Leader Name, Region, date, Passport/ID card number


Follower Name, Region, date, Passport/ID card number


QUALIFIYING HEATS ACROSS UK (Cities and surrounded areas)

★ Saturday 19th August
Kizomba & Urban Kiz Manchester
MBK Manchester
????Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool. Newcastle, Preston, Blackpool and surrounded areas
★ Sunday 27th August
Kizomba Birmingham
Next Level
????Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Cardiff, and surrounded areas / cities
Saturday 2nd September
Urban Kiz Birmingham
Criola Birmingham
????Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Peterborough, Cambridge, Sheffield, Cardiff and surrounded areas.
★ Friday 8th September
Kizomba London
????London and surrounded areas
★ Saturday 23rd September
Kizomba & Urban Kiz Scotland
Aberdeen Festival
????Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounded areas
★ Sunday 1st October
Urban Kiz Milton Keynes
????Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, Aylesbury and surrounded areas
★ Saturday 14th October
Kizomba Nottingham
????Nottingham, Derby, Lincoln, Peterborough, Cambridge, Sheffield and surrounded areas
★ Sunday 22nd October
Urban Kiz London
????London and surrounded areas
★ Saturday 28th October
Kizomba & Urban Kiz Reading
Criola Reading
????Reading, Slough, Swindon, Bath, Bristol and surrounded areas.More to be announced…


Be aware that we will change some songs as we go along to keep the competition interesting. Also,  the songs will be randomly played at any point in the song (to avoid participants doing choreography), hence songs that will played will not start from the beginning.

Kizomba Songs / Dj Miro Kikola / Rico Suave / Ginga Boo UK 

1 -Laura (Feat. Kueno Aionda) – Seteca


2 -Zango E a Banda – Leandro Oliveira 

3 -Cherie Na Ngai  Dj Zayx & Filho Do Zua 

4 -Ismael Benguela-Retrato

5 -Kanda – Estou a casar 

6 -Puto Portuguese feat B Mgoma Mingota 

7- Passada Twenty fingers 

8 -Chelsea – Sodadi 


9 -Button Rose – Criancao Nao Mente 


10 -Nikila de Sousa – Cibernetica 

Urban Kiz Songs Dj Petit / Dj Fashion / Ginga Boo UK 

1 – William Araujo & Neyna 


2 – Txam txam – Dj Shark 


3 – Vou te afinar – Dj Ichigo 

4 -Lolita – Dj Shark 

5 -E Raluca – Dj Nice Life 

6 -Mi Loca – Dj Ly – Dj Shabs 

7 -Listen to DJ Charley Raymdtc – Ariff by DJ Charley Raymdtc on #SoundCloud


8 -Listen to Dj Shark & Dj Antony Tarraxa – Urban Code by DJ Antony TarraXa on #SoundCloud

9 -Listen to MATRIX EVOLUTION DJ LANA MW by DJ Lana MW on #SoundCloud

10 -Listen to Dj Snakes Ft Puto X – Zeus by Dj Snakes Kizomba on #SoundCloud


★ 2023 Monthly dates :
Sat 26th Aug
Sat 16th Sept
Sat 7th Oct
Fri 15/16/17th Dec
Ginga Boo UK Kizomba Festival 7th-9th June 2024

★ Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival fifth edition 7-8-9th June 2024 ★



E-mail : admin@gingaboo.com
Facebook page : Ginga Boo UK
Facebook group : https://m.facebook.com/groups/866397073489314?ref=share

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