Terms Of Service



TO BOOK YOUR PASSES & REGISTER, please pay for your pass and fill up the registration after payment.


Once you register, your details will automatically reach our data system, with payment details.

You can make one payment for a couple of people, just make sure you give us all the names of the persons you paid for.

Please give us a few days to put your payment into our registration system - we do it manually.

**Due to the new GDPR regulations we would like to inform you that registering and/or purchasing a ticket means you consent to our promotional emails and text messages which will contain information about future events and discounts. No cost will be incurred.

In addition, you may be included in promotional materials during the event. Should you wish to opt out of either then please email SVPromotions1@gmail.com. If you agree to these terms then proceed with registration and/ or payment.

 What is included in each festival pass?

*FULL PASS includes Saturday workshops, parties, evening classes, Sunday afternoon classes, socials dancing.

*SATURDAY DAY PASS:  All day workshop, Evening classes, Party till late

*SAT PARTY PASS: Saturday night party  

*SUNDAY PASS: Afternoon workshops, Social dancing till finish

*PARTY & SOCIAL PASS: Saturday night Party , Sunday Social dancing 

*MASTERCLASS: 1 class higher level classes limited to 10 couples 


The Festival is taking place in Milton Keynes and is organise and managed by SVPromotions/ Ginga Boo UK.

  • The Necessary Condition of participating in the Festival is the registration online, and transferring the payment for the chosen Pass to the above mentioned account of the Organizer, according to the payment table.
  • After registration you will be registered and receive an order receipt then later on a confirmation email.
  • If you wish to receive an invoice, please tell us no later than 14 days after the payment.
  • Cancellation policy. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days before the Festival or 4 days of any other events. - cut-off date.
  • All the cancellation will incur a 10% administration fee and will be deducted from in the event of the refund. There is NO refunds after the cut-off date. If you cannot participate in the festival or any other GB events, you can try to sell or transfer the pass to somebody else up to 10 days before Festival or up to 1 day before any other events.
  • Owner changes. You can change the name of pass owner free of charge maximum 1 time. The deadline is 10 days before the festival or 1 day before any other events. Please send us a message via email to admin@gingaboo.com, and the new owner details. After that date no further changes to our system can be made and no further transfers of ownership or a pass details will be possible.
  • The number of participants at the workshops and parties is limited. Moreover, the Organizer reserves the right to stop registration for either men or ladies to level the men/women ratio.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the Festival schedule and the list of the artists and instructors, on condition that the standard of the event remains the same. The updates will be published at the festival website and Facebook event.
  • Festival Participants must be aware and take full responsibility for their health condition, health and safety and their personal belongings. The Organiser does not take responsibility for any injuries that may happen during the workshops and the loss or damage of private belongings. Please use allocated cloak room facilities to ensure the safety of your belongings.  
  • The physical “Festival Pass” "Any other type of GB events" is in a form of a wristband and is put on by the Organizers at the beginning of the Festival or events and must not be removed until the end of any GB events. Only ONE wristband will be given to each participant during the whole event. The wristbands are the only pass to enter the Festival classes and parties. Bands are waterproof.
  • Video recording and taking photos by participants DURING any class, workshop or lecture is FORBIDDEN; it is only allowed AFTER the class AND with the consent of the instructor.
  • We reserves the right to film, record or photograph any of the teacher, instructor, participant at an event to document the event and for post event purposes such as promoting our future events. By registering to the Festival you agree for your appearance in the published materials later on.  If you do not want to or may not appear in those photos or video footage, please inform our photographer/videographer on the day of the event.
  • Any absence to the class or parties does not entitle Participants to claim any refunds.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour during the Festival classes or parties, especially aggression or creating a danger or hazard to oneself or other participants, and not complying with the Participation Terms and Conditions will result in the Participant being asked to leave the class/party without the right to any refund.
  • Travel: SVPromotions/ Ginga Boo UK accepts no liability if a participant is unable to attend an event due to adverse weather conditions or any travel disruption. SVPromotions makes every effort to negotiate free parking for participants at the venues. However, numbers of the parking lots is limited and we reserve the right to allocate them on “first come, first serve” bases and also use venues which may incur a car parking charge.
  • Accommodation: In partnership with a number of hotels, we are able to offer you exclusive offers and discounts for hotels across London or Milton Keynes. Please visit our website for the exclusive deals to find out more, search availability and book your hotel stay. Substantial discounts are available subject to terms and conditions.
  • The protection of personal privacy is an important concern to SVPromotions./ Ginga Boo UK.  Any personal data collected will be treated in accordance with current data GDPR protection legislation.
  • Applicable law and jurisdiction: These terms and conditions, their subject matter and their formation, are governed by English law. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions (including any non-contractual terms).