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Criola London Dec – Kizomba & Urban Kiz – UK OPEN COMPETITION 2023

Ginga Boo UK ( Sonny Varela) present

★Criola London, known for the 2 rooms (Kizomba and Urban Kiz) concept and always bringing a festival vibe.

Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Cabo Love, Zouk, Kompa, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxinha, Tarraxa, Funana, Coladeira, Douceur, Afro house/ beats and more…

It will be either a one or two or three day event (depending on the month) and take place every third weekend of the month with couple of exceptions.

★We believe in togetherness, family feeling, connectedness, community, camaraderie, friendship, sharing and love.

Each month we will have different type of dance workshop Urban Kiz, Kizomba, Tarraxo, Semba, Lady styling etc…

At some of these events we will also be adding a special twist, by inviting guest dancers from Paris, Netherlands and of course our own UK dancers – Let’s bring some quality dancing!!!


★ UK OPEN 2023 ★
Friday 15th – Sunday 17th December 2023 2 ROOMS
3 days events event
Evening classes, Day workshops, Social Dancing, Parties and UK Open Competition
International & UK teachers & Djs 
★Bonifacio Auro
★ Karl & Nima
★ Mr Rico Suave
★ Jules & Elise (Tarraxo Pop)
★ Jeydikson Lima
★ Tresor & Elli
★ Elisha & Miss Ginga Boo
★ Amine Urban Kiz
★ Leny O’Cassule & Stolid
★ Michael & Courtney
★Jayjay & Natalia
★ Dj Miro Kikola
★ Dj BlvcSklye
★ Dj Koko
★ Dj Visser
★ Dj T Peak
★ Dj Petit
★ Dj Amine
More to be announced…
★ PRICES + fees 
if you don’t like booking online send us a message on Instagram to book via bank transfer and no fees.
IG link : https://instagram.com/gingaboouk
3 days events event
Evening classes, Day workshops, Masterclasses, Social Dancing, Parties and UK Open Competition
🔻Kizomba & Urban Kiz competition
The scene in the UK is developing fast and new talent is emerging. We are establishing a platform for our new UK talents to showcase their dance techniques, styles, creativity and enthusiasm for dancing.
🏆To understand the nitty-gritty, rules, prizes, and music selection, visit our page: https://gingaboo.com/events/uk-open-2023-competition/

Haverstock School 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London NW3 2BQ
Chalk Farm station 30 secs walk distance to the venue (across the road)
Northern line tube & Buses all night

Parking outside the area free after 2pm and Eton road good for parking | Evening free on side street

* Smarts Hostel Camden in
* NOX Belsize Park
* Premier Inn


🔻We have so many teachers & dancers who propelled their dancing journeys after competing in a dance competition.

🔻The first ever Urban Kiz competition in UK was organised & hosted back in 2017 by Ginga Boo UK & Curtis Sheldon (Creator of Urban Kiz)
1st Shiv & Gosia
2nd Kevin & Gaby
3rd Mark & Hannah

🔻The UK Open 2019 Kizomba & Urban Kiz competition was organised & hosted by Ginga Boo UK | London

Check link videos attached!

🔻The Battle Kizz UK organised & hosted by Ginga Boo UK & Said Street | London
1st Alvin & Raluca
2nd Cedric & Viola
So many well-known teachers across the world have gone on and accomplished fantastic things around the world, after competing in one of the world’s biggest competition, AfricAdancar, till 2017 :
Albir Rojas & Sara Lopez
Enah LeBon
Curtis Sheldon
Puto Chinez
Nima & An- So
Steve & Marven
Chris PY & Elodie
L’Ange Noir
Jeydikson Lima & Sonny Varela
Rico Suave & Josy Semkiz
Donny & Natalie
Nino & Manuela
Chamalo & Lydia Laprade
Riquita Alta
Sol David & Anne-So
And much more…
And many more rose after dancing competition :
Audi Sai & Pamela (Urban Kiz)
Azzedine & Allison (Urban Kiz)
JP & Stephy (Urban Kiz sensual)
Jo Seize & Marion (Tarraxo)
T Peak (Adam) (Tarraxo)
Stephy & Valere (Urban Kiz)
Fred & Morgane (Urban Kiz sensual)
Nadou & Natalie (Kizomba/ Semba)
Landry & Windy (Kizomba/ Semba)
Elhadj & Lysis (Kizomba/ Semba)
We are teaming up with UK promoters to host our UK competition qualifier from August 2023 to October 2023
And more to be announced…
More details about the whole competition process, rules, details, schedule, line up and prizes will be announced soon… In the meantime find yourself a partner and START PRACTISING 😉

Ginga Boo UK will be organising workshop with international artists to help participants to learn more, develop and be inspire throughout the year. Keep your eyes open 🙂

Let’s show that UK has got talent!!!

Contact us : www.gingaboo.com | admin@gingaboo.com
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