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Criola London | Mini – Festival Kizomba & Urban Kiz

IF you’d like to join us tonight….  there is a person waiting to assist you… 

email gingaboo77@gmail.com  and follow the instruction – we might be able to help!  

Thank you!


Prices + fees 

Sunday Day pass £30 
Sunday Party Pass £22 
Sunday 20th March:
Revolution Putney
202 Upper Richmond Rd,
SW15 6TD
★Criola London, known for the 2 rooms (Kizomba and Urban Kiz) concept and always bringing a festival vibe.
After the pandemic a lot of reflection took place, and for now we have decided to change the format. Criola will now be in one room, but still mixing music and dancing styles.
Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Cabo Love, Zouk, Kompa, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxinha, Douceur, Tarraxa, Funana, Coladeira, Afro house/ beats and more…
It will be either a one or two day event (depending on the month) and take place every third Saturday or Sunday or weekend of the month.
★We believe in togetherness, family feeling, connectedness, community, camaraderie, friendship, sharing and love, so would like to see all dancers enjoy our parties together in the same room.
★We have many talented Dj’s on our soil so prepare to be spoilt!!!
At some of these events we will also be adding a special twist, by inviting guest dancers from Paris, Netherlands and of course our own UK dancers – Let’s bring some quality dancing!!!
ING★💢Come, taste a little bit of Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK (GBKF) VIBES at our Criola events.

Full Pass – Buy Now

★Our first event will be on the 19th & 20th of March as a 2-day event with classes, social dancing and a party; aiming to bring GBKF festival vibes to you. At this edition we are bringing Taxi & Guest dancers from Paris, Netherlands and our own dancers from various locations in the UK. They will be dancing with us for 2 days.

Saturday 19th March  3pm to 1.00am

3pm – 7.30pm 2 Urban Kiz Class + 1 Kizomba Class & Social Dancing

7.30pm – 1am Kizomba & Urban Kiz Party

Sunday 20th March  3pm to 11pm

3pm -6.30pm 1 Kizomba Class & Social Dancing

6.30pm -11pm  Kizomba & Urban Kiz /Party

Guest dancers from Paris & Toulouse & Nantes & Bordeaux and Netherlands

Guest dancers from London & around UK

UK Djs : Dj Koko, Dj Visser, Dj Andrizie, Dj Petit…

★ International Taxi dancers  :

Divine Kiz – Casanova – No limit

Jose – Marvin – Khalil – Mo – Lorenzo – Charles – Orphon – Spencer – Nafri – Ali Moe

★ International Taxi dancers :  ALL FOR 1

Louis – Charles – Nais – Wanagui – Trew – Charles

★ International guest dancers :

Alvoaro – Lato – Flora – Berthold – Tresor – Speedy – Thierry – Latevi – Cabo

★ UK Guest dancers :

Amine (Manchester)  – Omar (Birmingham)
Mathew (Wales)  – Lamar (Reading)  – Betuma (Cardiff)
Qas – Wes – Chelmi (London)
Janina, Sofia, Karmele (Bristol Maluka Team)
Maribel (Manchester)  – Christina (Birmingham)
Kasia (Kent) – Josielyn (Reading) – Ineta (Birmingham)
Ginga Boo Team (London)
More to be announced…



Saturday 19th March  : St Mary’s Church, Putney, SW15 1SN

Sunday 20th March : Revolution Putney 202 Upper Richmond Rd, SW15 6TD

Both venue are 5 minutes walk to each other.

Revolution Bar 0.30 secs to Putney station & 5 minutes to Putney Bridge

St Mary’s Church 3 minutes walk to Putney Bridge station or 6 minute Putney station

Putney Bridge & Putney  Tube &  overground, lots of buses & night buses are available.

Out of the congestion charge zone, not in ULEZ area…


Hotel Premier INN

5 minutes walk to both venues


Lots of cheap AIRBNB around the area too.


PRICES + fees : 

Passes : Full pass or Day pass (solo or couple) or Party Pass

Online payment only & deadline Saturday 19th March 3pm

Prices will increase leading to the event

Full Pass = 2 day  |   Day Pass = 1 day | Party Pass (evening only)

Couple Pass = 1 leader + 1 follower or 2 leaders


Fully Pass £50 SOLD OUT

Day Pass £25SOLD OUT

Full Solo Pass £60

Day Solo Pass £30

Party Solo Pass £22


1st increase  COUPLE PASS 

Full Pass £110

Day Couples Pass £50


Full Pass – Buy Now

Solo Day Pass – Buy Now

 Party Pass – Buy Now



*Prices Subject to changes.

*We reserve the right to stop selling ticket to keep the ratio leaders & followers relatively equal.

*Cancellation policy – NO refund!

*We are happy that you resell your tickets to family or friends and update us with the new names up to Saturday 19th March 3pm.

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