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★ Criola London March – Urban Kiz Audi & Laura ★

Ginga Boo UK ( Sonny Varela) present

★Criola London, known for the 2 rooms (Kizomba and Urban Kiz) concept and always bringing a festival vibe. This event special focus on Urban Kiz and 1 ROOM 

Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Cabo Love, Zouk, Konpa, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxinha, Tarraxa, Funana, Coladeira, Douceur, Afro house/ beats and more…

It will be either a one or two and take place every third weekend of the month with a couple of exceptions.

★We believe in togetherness, family feeling, connectedness, community, camaraderie, friendship, sharing and love, so would like to see all dancers enjoy our parties together.

★We have many talented Dj’s on our soil so prepare to be spoiled!!! 

★Each month we will have different types of workshops Urban Kiz, Kizomba, Tarraxo, Semba, Lady styling etc…

At some of these events we will also be adding a special twist, by inviting guest dancers from Paris, Netherlands and of course our own UK dancers – Let’s bring some quality dancing!!!

★ Come, taste a little bit of Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK (GBKF) VIBES at our Criola events.

★★★ Saturday 16th March ★★★

Urban Kiz International & UK Artists 

Audi & Laura (Spain) 

Lucas & Jeyda (UK) 1st UK Open Urban Kiz Champions

Karl Gee (UK)

Dj Visser (UK)

Dj Style of Music (France)

Urban Kiz Performers 

Lucas & Jeyda (UK) 1st UK Open Urban Kiz Champions 23

Luke & Minnie (UK) 3rd UK Open Urban Kiz Champions 23

Sophia 1st Uk Urban Kiz Solo styling 23 

Ginga Boo UK Urban Kiz Team | Premiere 

Theme party : White & Blue 

Bring your own drinks (soft drinks, water, alcohol)

★PROGRAMME :  Urban Kiz Workshop 

Intermediates workshop : We are excited to announce a unique workshop in London featuring two renowned teachers, Audi and Laura. This workshop aims to provide valuable insights on technique, style, steps, and musicality. Having both a male and a female teacher will offer a diverse learning experience for all participants. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Audi and Laura’s exceptional skills and unique teaching styles.

Beginners workshop :  Exciting news! Beginners Bootcamp workshops for Urban Kiz and Kizomba enthusiasts are now available. Led by Karl Gee, these workshops are tailored for newcomers to Urban Kiz. Get ready to explore the differences between Kizomba and Urban Kiz, delve into foundational steps, variations, patterns, and much more. Join us for a fun and educational workshop

Evening Classes : Join us for a 2-hour workshop with Lucas & Jeyda, the 1st UK Open Urban Kiz Champions. Gain valuable insights on technique, style, accelerations, and musicality from these talented champions. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best!

*Intensive Intermediates Audi & Laura (Spain) :
3.45pm -6.45pm 2 hours Intensive Urban Kiz + 1 hr practise
*Intensive Beginners Karl Gee (UK) :
3.45pm -6.45pm 2 hours Intensive Urban Kiz + 1 hr practise

6.45pm -8.45pm Break (Dinner / Rest / Get changed)

8.45pm – 10.45pm Evening classes (Urban Kiz 2 levels)
Lucas & Jeyda Intermediates & Karl Gee Beginners
10.45pm – 4am Shows & Party | 1 ROOM
Dj Visser & Dj Style of Music

★PRICING + fees :

FULL PASS : Couple = Male & Female 


Early bird Full pass £45  Couples £80

Advanced Pass £55 Couples  £100

At the door £60 

Beginners (New to Urban Kiz or Kizomba dancers wanting to try?!) 

Minimum of 10 people to run this Beginners intensive bootcamp 

Full pass £35

Advanced Pass £45

At the door £50  

EVENING :  (link coming soon)

2 hrs evening Urban Kiz classes & party

Online £22

At the door £25

Evening Party 

Online £20

At the door £23



Haverstock School 24 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm, London NW3 2BQ
Chalk Farm station 30 secs walk distance to the venue (across the road)
Northern line tube & Buses all night.

Parking outside the area free after 2pm and Eton road good for parking | Evening free on side street



?PLACE TO STAY : Camden hostel £35/40 per night per person
*NOX Belsize Park
* Premier Inn
* AIRBNB.com

Website www.gingaboo.com

E-mail : admin@gingaboo.com

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