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★ Ginga Boo UK – UK Open Competition 2024 ★

General Information

The National Dance Championship is a Kizomba and Urban Kiz competition open to all UK dancers (Teachers, Social dancers, Students). Regional qualifying heats across the UK will send winners to compete in the National Final during Criola London Festival, 24th/25th August 24.

The competition showcases creativity and new talent at all levels. Grand Final Criola London  24th /25th August 2024.

UK Regional Qualification & National London Final

Competitor Rules

  • Dancers must be 21+ years old 
  • Regional qualifier winners advance to London final
  • Partners cannot change once qualified for the final 
  • Dancers can enter multiple regional qualifiers 
  • Couples can compete in other categories during competition
  • Appearance order randomly determined  
  • Final competition date set 24th/25th August 
  • Competitors cannot judge
  • Travel/accommodations self-funded

Additional Rules

  • £20 registration fee to advance to London final per competitors  
  • Must buy full pass for Criola London festival for the final
  • Must present signed original rules before competing
  • Props/decorations allowed if placed/removed by couple
  • Couples responsible for own costumes, hair, makeup
  • Different outfits required for qualifier and final
  • No brand/product use during performances  
  • Not responsible for lost/stolen items
  • Dancers responsible for any venue damage/injury
  • A minimum of 6 couples (3 Kizomba, 3 Urban Kiz) is required for the London final. 

Ginga Boo UK retains rights to all audio/video of performances for promotion purposes.

Regional Qualifying

  • 1 minute 30 second improvisation in Kizomba/Ghetto Zouk or Urban Kiz/Ghetto Zouk
  • Music chosen by organisers / main Djs 
  • Matching outfits required
  • 1-4 couples advance from each regional 
  • Exception for GBKF UK 7-9thJune 24 (More will be allowed to advance to the final) 
  • Wildcard couple may be selected (judge’s discretion)
  • Confirm participation 1 hour before start
  • No registration fees required to enter any regionals competition 

Jack & Jill Couple Match Kizomba & Urban Kiz Competition

    • Individuals enter without partners
    • Leaders and followers randomly paired
    • Test spontaneous dancing skills with new partner
    • Luck of the draw format
    • Limited partner switches during preliminaries
    • Highest scoring individuals called back
    • Top improvisation couples advance to London final
  • Winning Jack & Jill couples compete as a pair in final


The National Championship London Final will consist of two parts:

 Part 1 – Improvisation Round 

  • 1 min 30 sec improvisation to Kizomba/Ghetto Zouk  or Urban Kiz/Ghetto Zouk 
  • DJ selects songs randomly by category
  • Couples must improvise to songs selected on the spot

Part 2 – Show Routine

  • 1 min 30 sec choreography in Kizomba/Urban Kiz styles 
  • Kizomba: Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk, Zouk, Tarraxinha
  • Urban Kiz: Urban Kiz, Ghetto Zouk, Tarraxo, Tarraxinha, 
  • 0 min 30 secs creativity mix with other rhythms/any styles 
  • Couple provides 2 minutes total soundtrack 1:30 style choreography + 0:30 creativity

Couple Rules 

  • Keep the music within 2 minutes time limit (0.5secs + or – it’s allowed on the music mix)
  • No repeating previous choreography or using live music 
  • Penalties for suspected repetition (Judges to decide) 
  • Improvise to unknown music provided  
  • Avoid repeat moves in improv, tricks allowed
  • No communication with partner, audience, or judges (don’t sing along)
  • Notify organisers immediately of any floor/audio issues  
  • Keep same competitor numbers throughout

Music Rules

  • Couples solely responsible for choreography and soundtrack 
  • Must submit soundtrack to Ginga Boo UK for approval beforehand
  • Deliver by email to DJ before the competition (2 weeks latest) 
  • Late or incorrect format leads to disqualification, barring exceptional circumstance
  • Couples should have soundtrack copy as backup
  • Non-compliant music leads to disqualification

Jury Rules

  • 3 judges for regional qualifiers | GBKF UK 5 judges 
  • 5-7 judges for national final in London 
  • Judges are teachers, performers, DJs and past competition winners
  • Regional judges chosen jointly 
  • Ginga Boo UK selects final judges
  • The jury’s decisions are final. Disrespect towards judges or organisers is prohibited.
  • No direct communication between judges and couples. All channels of communication must be made via the organisers or Ginga Boo UK.

Judge Ethics

  • Judge solely on event performance 
  • No influence from prior knowledge of couples’ skills
  • No influence from personal relationships 
  • Maintain neutral stance, no time warnings
  • No expressing irony, disgust, laughter etc. 
  • Focus on respect for competitors

Judging Criteria

Ginga Boo UK provides criteria docs for consistent judging.

  • Technical Ability – movement mastery and execution
  • Creativity/Originality – new and different movements 
  • Rhythm/Interpretation – timing and fluidity 
  • Visual Presentation – hair, costumes, makeup
  • Choreography/Improvisation – complexity, evolution, synchronisation 

Championship Prizes

  • Winning couple crowned UK Open Kizomba or Urban Kiz Champions 
  • Champions receive medal & trophy
  • Couples 2nd & 3rd receive Medal  
  • Champions advance to Olympiad of Kizomba Quarter- finals (France/ Paris)
  • Champions wins flights & 3 days accommodation in Paris
  • Top 3 couples perform their shows at UK events 
  • Top 3 couples get free festival passes in UK/abroad
  • Must be available for events to claim prizes

Penalty Guidelines

  • Non-compliance leads to point reduction or disqualification
  • May be barred from current competition and removed from rankings 
  • Barred period ranges from 1 month to 1 year
  • Weight of penalty decided by disciplinary committee (judges + organisers)


  • Rules may be modified if communicated 10+ days in advance via our website www.gingaboo.com
  • To enter, email admin@gingaboo.com with:
  • Full name – Dance category – Desired city
  • We will send hard copy rules to sign
  • Contact us if you do not have a dance partner, we can try to help you 
  • Must read and accept rules fully to participate 
  • Signing indicates agreement to follow competition rules



Sunday 9th June Kizomba & Urban Kiz Ginga Boo Kizz Festival | Ginga Boo UK

Friday 14th June Kizomba Birmingham Midlands | Kizomba Next Level

Saturday 15th June Kizomba & Urban Kiz Manchester/ Liverpool | MBK

Friday 28th June Kizomba London | Suave Nights

Saturday 29th June Glasgow | KizombAda

Sunday 30th June Newcastle | ???

Saturday 6th July Kizomba Cardiff | Cardiff Connection

Sunday 7th July Urban Kiz Criola Birmingham | Criola Birmingham

 Monday 8th July Urban Kiz London | GB Monthly Monday

TBC Kizomba & Urban Kiz Reading | Killa Kiz

More to be announced…



E-mail : admin@gingaboo.com
Facebook page : Ginga Boo UK
Facebook group : https://m.facebook.com/groups/866397073489314?ref=share

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