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★ Kizomba / Semba/ Afro London Performance ★

‼️Nothing accelerates dance growth like competition & performance!
To rapidly improve:
– Embrace the pressure
– Get comfortable being uncomfortable
– Use adrenaline to sharpen your focus
– Allow judgment to show you where to expand
– Let courage feed creativity
– Turn nerves into an edge
-Improve in your dance rapidly
– Learn new ways, new styles
– Develop your unique style
-Share amazing experience with like minded people
-Perform across the UK ????????
When you’re bold enough to put yourself out there, breakthroughs happen. Seek the spotlight and find your next level!
????Kizomba / Semba / Afro w/ Choreographer Sonny Varela aka Miss Ginga Boo
First training day Mon 25th Mar for 11 weeks
If you don’t have a dance partner
If you want to train and not perform
Get in touch we will help where we can!
Let’s learn & dance ???? ????????
★ Ginga Boo UK Kizomba Festival 7th-9th June 2024

★ Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival 5th edition 7-8-9th June 2024 ★


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