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My story of the day : 2nd & 3rd AfricAdancar competition

After my participation in 2011’s Africadancar competition, we decide to compete again following year, a bit at last minutes though, but this time it wasn’t great ,and I don’t even have photo or video to show which is good . I went back to teaching on a weekly basis, during that time my partner was […]

My story of the day : Ginga Boo Chain

Have you ever woken up feeling dull, uninspired, confused, and unhappy? Feelings that make you hate your job and everything that make life worth living?


Grew up in a family where I develop my dancing skill from family gathering, mum, aunty, once, cousin, sisters, brother, etc.. Born in France originally from Cape Verde Dancing has always been a natural things in the household, because playing music and dancing in our family was fun and cultural. I have never thought about […]