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Chill in the Park
Saturday 26th / Sunday 27th June

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Banga / Foot work for men & Ginga - Body movement for girls 

Dance Video Challenges

Miss Ginga Boo | UK | has been keeping busy looking after the girls during the lockdown with Ladies Video Challenges.
We use a powerfully effective... 

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Our Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – March Edition was a great success, here is what some of the dancers are saying about it...


Well done to you Sonny and to everyone - heard some great feedback from friends who were there this weekend

Sam Cooper


Thank you so much my BIG Family amazing ENERGY 

Bonifacio Auro


Thanks for everything we had very nice time with all of you, great job Sonny and staff congrats !

Sara & Jo.

We have uploaded some of the pictures from the festival, we are uploading more on a regular basis, so check back here soon!

Welcome to Ginga Boo social events UK. This is where you will enjoy Kizomba Dancing, practise, and improve your dance with friends.

A personal message from Sonny

The last 5 months have pushed me mentally, physically and emotionally, and after a lot of thought, I’d like to share some words.

Normally I avoid talking about my life and feelings, but I would like to share just a little now, as it is our experiences that shape us. I witnessed