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My story of the day : Ginga Boo Chain

Have you ever woken up feeling dull, uninspired, confused, and unhappy? Feelings that make you hate your job and everything that make life worth living? :cry:

Trust me, I know that feeling because I felt that way about my job from 2010 to 2015. Even though I gained a lot of experience working in the catering industry for years, it took a toll on me. I worked 60 to 70 hours a week, managing people’s business and making money for them. I was working so hard, I had no time for myself, and I could not even dance! :-1:

There are days when I thought and wished I could change my life but I have been is the same industry for a very long time, so I felt there was nothing else I could do. :[object Object]::[object Object]:

I felt stuck! I didn’t feel I wasn’t good enough for anything else! Then it struck me, I made the bold decision to switch from a managerial position to a lower position with no responsibilities, less money but I didn’t care. OMG, it was the best decision ever! :pray::raised_hands:

I woke up, go to work, did my shift, and then I head home! No stress, no issues, no dealing with staff anymore – life became enjoyable again, I was happy. :grin:

I had all the time in the world to focus on other things, so I decided to go into jewellery design. For you to succeed in anything that you do, you must have passion and devote your time. It was my passion for jewellery designs that made me enrol to one jewellery design class. I didn’t stop there, by now you should know me all or nothing looool I started to make jewellery and decided to start on my own brand called Bijoulili. :raised_hands: Bijou means Jewel in French and Lili is the name of my younger sister who passed away years ago. She is always watching over me in everything I do in life :[object Object]:After organizing my first Jewellery Fashion show, I kept on fulfilling my passion – since then I have organised several fashion shows and I was also invited to other fashion show to share my ideas and work.:dancer::dancer::dancer:

There was a certain time when I was making cloth (when I had little time to explore my skills), dance ideas were going through my mind, especially about making dance jewellery for ladies.:womans_clothes::high_heel::dress::coat:

That was when the Ginga Boo chain was created so ladies can look sexy while dancing – something that will enhance their body movement while dancing. It was a perfect idea to me, felt something was missing in ladies life lol however, it took a lot of time, hard work and promotion for the world to recognise it.

To promote the Ginga Boo chain, I approached popular artists and asked them to wear it. I got a lot of NO :pensive:and a few YES :grin: one of them was Isabelle (that was also the same video that made her famous for lady styling with over 5 million views if not more by now)

Even though it took 2 years after that for the Ginga Boo Chain to be recognised, I have no regrets! I began to reap the fruits of my labor as the Ginga Boo Chain was ordered all over the world :earth_africa: Australia, America, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Greece, UK, Austrian, Turkey and more, seen videos of teachers / dancers all over the world using it in their demos, received pictures of so many wearing the Ginga Boo chain etc.. Since then I had created different style of Ginga Boo chain from the original. (Not only in the Kizomba world, Salsa & Bachata as well)

:star2:I am grateful to have created something that people love and use! Glamorous look, jazz up your outfit with the Ginga Boo Chain!

:star2:Created in 2014 Ginga Boo Chain by Bijoulili

Designer Sonny Varela – www.bijoulili.com

Models : Serafina – Sonny – Koko

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If you are interested here are some videos…

:small_orange_diamond:Isabelle Crepin – https://youtu.be/__2CYc62sHU

:small_orange_diamond:1st Jewellery Fashion Show –https://youtu.be/mTGbhTSVfHg

:small_orange_diamond:2nd Jewellery Fashion Show https://youtu.be/pxxudMAh7wE Invited in Paris for Jewellery & Clothing fashion show https://youtu.be/PEmIg8pb7Hw

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