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My story of the day : 2nd & 3rd AfricAdancar competition

After my participation in 2011’s Africadancar competition, we decide to compete again following year, a bit at last minutes though, but this time it wasn’t great ,and I don’t even have photo or video to show which is good :joy::joy::joy:. I went back to teaching on a weekly basis, during that time my partner was building his business/night in Kizomba gently, I’m also getting more involved as I’m now trying to help him to develop his night. We could see the improvement rising week by week the night was growing beautifully. Like I said before I use to be a restaurant manager and managing for other, so I always had this managerial skills that I took with me everywhere :joy::joy::joy:.

In 2014 I attended the Bristol festival and met a good dancer, then we meet again in London by coincidence. We danced and had a good connection dancing, I was looking for a teacher to help me out in few jobs though, but he was a little busy as a result of moving to UK and with his new job so we didn’t work together and we left at that.

A few months later I got a text saying that he wanted to have a chat with me, in the first place I was Intrigued but later accepted to meet him to have a chat. We finally meet, had a conversation and he then talked about the Competition, he would like to take part in the competition and if I would like to do it with him.

At that point in my mind:flushed::flushed::flushed:, I felt like oh noooooo not again and was a bit upset and worried; as a result of imagining my experience of participating twice at that point and wasn’t looking forward to a third disappointment and told him that I would think about it. I thought about it long and hard, and something felt different at that time in my life, and he was a great dancer who made me think JUST DO IT:muscle:

In the end, I asked myself what have I got to lose? :heavy_check_mark:one more dance skill / experience :heavy_check_mark:challenge myself :heavy_check_mark:And if I win ?!:flushed:

No brainier phoned him and accepted the proposal, at the time we were only three weeks away from the first round of the competition, imagine the sudden pressure that will be on me !!! We utilised the three weeks to we give all we had to practice/create/danced like no others. We had 2 stages to go through Qualification / London Final, then a chance to go to Portugal in the next phase of the competition. Guess what ?! We did it came 1st on the qualification:trophy: and we WON London final :trophy: We were sent to Portugal for the International Kizomba final competing against 28 couples/countries, it was two stages.

Friday improvisation part we won 1st Place :top::grin:! OMG though we couldn’t believe :sweat_smile: it was amazing feeling suddenly we are winning :slightly_smiling_face: was on the top of world :earth_americas:Saturday choreography part we came 3rd place, still very very well placed considering we were against 28 couples.

Total over the two days we were crown 3rd World Kizomba champions:trophy: That had been a beautiful journey, which I’ll never forget in my life, as I learned so much about abilities to achieve anything if I set my mind and soul into anything, so don’t underestimate your own power as you can accomplish anything when you fasten your mind to achieve it.

There you go I had done AfricaAdancar 3 times, lost twice and finished champion the 3rd time with the most beautiful outcome I could ever dream of!

:trophy::trophy::trophy:I was a champion :trophy::trophy::trophy:

If you want to look at videos, check the link below :slightly_smiling_face:

AfricAdancar impro London


AfricAdancar Final London


AfricAdancar Improvisation – 1st Place


Africadancar Final Choreography – 3rd Place


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