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Kizzspiration Thought of the day : Men beginners to be welcomed


Traveling abroad and across the UK to teach allow me to meet a lot of students and have different conversations. One in particular that keeps coming back and saddens me are the male beginners entering the world of dance and taking the huge steps to do something completely new, which is certainly out of their comfort zone.

Lately, I heard in many occasion from them, how the women at a higher level don’t accept dances, how they have no patience with them, how they are harsh with them, how that makes them feel discouraged to pursue dancing.

Ladies remember men are meant to be problem solvers, providers, and they are supposed to look after women. However, they find it difficult to hold a position of inferiority, meaning, they find it difficult to make you smile and dance beautifully.

Growing a dance community is quite difficult. We need to look out for each other and always remember where you came from. We were all beginners once and I am sure we appreciate a helping hand.

Don’t forget to GIVE the love BACK whether to beginners, whether to teachers, whether to the promoter that was there for you when you needed one.

Ps: We hear complaint all the time that there aren’t enough men, hence, that could be one of the reasons!

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Kizzspiration : Ladies not taking classes these days?!?! What? When? Where? Why?

Do you know something ladies? The leaders also struggle at the beginning of their dance journey and there is no denying that it is a hard job for them. Also, understand that when the lead eventually becomes a good dancer at a dance level, followers who have not been attending regularly alongside the leads will fall behind. This is simply because the followers do not fair share of learning and they will have to work harder to meet up to the level of the leads.

Fact: Following in Kizomba or Urban Kiz takes skill. It is impossible to just turn up and dance and hope for the best. Following also requires an understanding. So come on ladies, let’s help our guys out here and in return develop a wonderful connection and level of dance TOGETHER.

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Kizzspiration : Followers to Follow

As a follower, one of our jobs is to listen to our Leader. He might be communicating micro to extremely big moves a follower have to be able to adapt.

In Kizomba, it’s like a conversation between two bodies, he communicates, she Listens to and Replies…

“Listening” = “Feel your lead” is it the Keyword for a follower

Not an easy task I must admit, a follower will always be challenged on the dance floor by dancing with many different leads meaning style, strong, smooth, settle, rough (lol) even none (lol) etc

A follower must adjust to any leads and it is a skill in itself and that is learnable.

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