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Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – Milton Keynes #GBKF – 3rd Edition


Our Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – Milton Keynes #GBKF – 3rd Edition - Gallery


Our Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – Milton Keynes #GBKF – 3rd Edition was a great success, here is what some of the dancers are saying about it...

what an amazing weekend. I don't think there are words to describe my feelings properly, but I try. Firstly, it exceeded all my expectations. It was so great to get together with so many people from the local dance community and also from all over the UK and Europe, and learn from the most amazing teachers. I have been in love with Kizomba ever since I saw the first demo on Facebook years ago. Even the pandemic couldn't change that. Festivals like this show you how powerful dancing is in creating connections on the dancefloor and outside of the dancefloor. I am eternally grateful for the true friends I met through dancing but who are here for me outside of dancing too. This weekend felt like a celebration of our friendship too. I am also grateful for the dance teachers, organisers, DJ's, volunteers, fellow dancers who passionately and patiently support the dancers. Please keep spreading the love of music and dance. It is making a massive difference in people's lives. Thank you so much Sonny Varela for organising such an amazing event in our city. You are an amazing woman with style, passion, strength and perseverance. ❤

Sonny Varela & team for a very successful event. The line up for this event was amazing but it wasn't about the names but about the character of these names, when we came back to teaching at the beginning of the year I said to a few artists that this year felt different, in a good way... We are all together and that togetherness is felt by the ones around us, our Kizomba UK Artists are more united than ever before and we are all working as a team to build back our dance scene, the energy in the room when we are together is something else, and this video below reflects just that.. look at the smiles of all the artists watching our colleagues getting presented and we all getting silly with each other, Sonny Varela is not just about the festival but the little things you do, you are part of this change and as always I will always support you because of that. keep up the amazing work you are doing ❤ Thank you Maria Solukova for recording some epic moments of this amazing weekend (please make us look good) ahah 🤗 & thank you Karen Chau for all the Photos 😃 To all the students a big thank you for joining our classes and being keen for learning more and more, for sharing some great moments on the dance floor & thank you for supporting events just like this ❤ Make sure you leave a like on our page to follow us!

Bruno & Iulia

A bit late but here it is... Each year we keep coming back to this amazing event and everytime it gets better and better, congratulations

Amazing! My post about you is in the making but I’m super proud of your work delivering great kizomba in Uk 😍 love you and thank you

Agnieszka Agnes McCluskey

What a festival 😍❤️😍 it was both great fun and pleasure to be part of it

Kasia Malkowska

Sonny Varela Still on a high from it 🥰🤩❤ such a wonderful festival. Had sooo much fun!! 💞💞💞

Melissa Lou

This festival was so enjoyable! Smashed it! 🔥🔥🔥

Raluca Bianca

Thanks Sonny and Team, it was a great weekend.

Suzette Williams

Thank you for this weekend, we had the best time

Zsuzsanna Pethő

LOVED it 🥰 🎉

Alison Brown

Wow...this weekend was absolutely amazing! The energy, the passion from everyone and sharing our love for dancing was such a good feeling! You have done amazingly well Sonny & team. Bring on 2023!!! 🎉💃🏽🕺🏾❤️

Josielyn Rosini

Thanks to you and the team. Had a fabulous time xx

Clare Stevenson

Absolutely FABULOUS weekend . 🥰🥰 Massive Thank you to Sonny Varela and Elisha Sevvume along with every one of your team who gave us such a great few days.

Denise Williams

Amazing workshops and lots of talented dancers 👌 a fabulous weekend 😍 Many thanks everyone and a big thanks goes to Sonnyand her team ❤️

Giedrė Pilipaitytė

All the talent that was present was a bit overwhelming.

Liv Nichols

Thank you so much for this amazing event 🤗🤗🤗🤗🌺🌺😘

Alexa Şerife

I loved every second of it! 😍😍

Alexandra Cojan

Thank you very much for such a fantastic weekend!!

XLaura McGrathx

Looks like we did it :)) Very proud of you, Just look what happens when you visualise. Also your blessed with so many friends and family xox

Moin Uddin

Enjoyed it very much, thankyou for having us.

Endi Maquiesse Fonseca

Thank you, you did a big and amazing job 🤗🙏💫💜💪🏽 I am so grateful I was a part of it.

Sveta Kizza Olayemi

Amazing event! 🥳 I had so much fun and learnt a lot. 🥰 Now recovering.

Alexandra Follett

It was amazing x thank you 🙏 , you all rock!

Dot Cooper

The festival was Amazing, wonderful, brilliant, colourful, exciting, fantastic,...WOW only positive vibes. I haven't fully recovered yet. Well done Sonny 👏👏👏

Gerson Van

Hands down one of the most amazing events in a LONG time! Absolutely smashed it Sonny Varela! Energy was second to none 🔥

Lauren Stearman

Thank you for the amazing weekend 😘 💕 💃

Andrea Lengova

Well done Sonny Varela 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and thank you for having us 🙏🏾❤️ I had a great time and really enjoyed the festival.

Vanda Mendes

One Of thé best!!! For someone like me who showed up to dance and have a good time everything was on point and perfect!!! Can't wait to your next event!!!!

Conrad Burgin

Great job from the organisers and volunteers. And of course everyone who have contributed with their positive vibe. The festival was amazing … thanks 🙌🏽💛

Spencer Rdam

I was only available to come on Friday night. Proper enjoyed myself. Dont forget to invite mr back next time X

Lee Smooth

Thanks Sonny Great music, DJs and dances 💃 I had a fun time xx

Moira Stafford-Neck

Loved every second of the festival!! ❤️🙌🏽💛

Sahruunii Hilowle

This give me chills everytime I watch it. Let’s keep growing our uk scene ❤️

DJ 5starkid

It was really good! Very warm atmosphere like old times, quality dances, respect, amazing music from DJ’s!!!

Gergana Peytcheva

What an amazing weekend this one was. Thank you to Sonny Varela for delivering such a great event, amazing vibes, UK and international dancers amazing classes. See you on the next one Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival 23rd to 26th June 2023

Christina Mcintosh

Such good vibes and energy....!!! A massive thanks to Sonny Varela for trusting me with things in playing my part. The whole team was on point and thank you for everything!! Truly amazing and thankful to have met you all and shared moments 🙌🏾🙌🏾 As always nothing would be possible without the help and support of my ADA team and of course my great SCOTLAND famili for never stopping...See you all next year for more of the same and much much more. #dancetings #kizomba #gingaboofestival #ADA #glasgowdancers #Scotland

Andrew Kang

Thanks Sonny Varela for making this event so memorable! Looking forward to the next GBKF UK 2023

Georgia-Clara Demco

Thank you Sonny Varela for the invitation and well done for a great job with Ginga Boo Festival 2022. ❤️💃🕺👌🏿 We had an amazing time. PROUD OF YOU 💃 Elisha Sevwume Thank you to all who have supported this festival, and thank you Miss Ginga Boo (Sonny Varela) for making this event happen 💪🏾. Working with you this weekend has given me a new level of respect for your work ethic

Ricardo Graça

Awesome weekend!! 👌 Thank you to Sonny Varela, and all of the Ginga Boo UK Team for creating new and unforgettable memories! Amazing job well done!! ❤️❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾 As always nothing would be possible without the help and support of my ADA team and of course my great SCOTLAND famili for never stopping...See you all next year for more of the same and much much more. #dancetings #kizomba #gingaboofestival #ADA #glasgowdancers #Scotland

Katie Ekstrom

My dear Ginga Boo community! We of the Kizomba Lounge Dancers were very honoured to be part of your amazing festival! We have had amazing dances and we felt loved. We hope that you all have noticed that we love you as well!! Thank so so much and I hope we will stay remembered just like we shall never forget. What an experience! keep it up and we hope to see you all soon again!

Mert Ocho

Thank you so much for organising this incredible Kizz Festival: Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival - 24 - 25 -26th June 2022 ... amazing music, dancing, workshops, lovely people, awesome energy and positive vibe... I'm so grateful and thankful that I could be a part of it 🥰

Sylwia Luna