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Lady Styling Tarraxo / Urban Kiz


Lady Styling

Ginga Boo UK (Sonny Varela) dance school presents :
Criola London Workshop, we will have series of lady styling workshop catering for Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxo, Urban Kiz. Afro etc..

First Sunday 26th March 

Tarraxo & Urban Kiz Lady styling by Lucy from France

Lucy is also Global Tarraxo champion & Olympiade Tarraxo 2nd place winner.


★ Body isolation 

★ Arms Technic 

★ Weight transfer 

★ Leg Touches

★ Breaks & Blocks 

★ Body movement

★ Musicality  and more… 


£20 1st 10 passes  7 LEFT 

£25 2nd 10 passes

More at the door.. 


St Saviour’s & St Olave’s

New Kent Rd, London SE1 4AN

Ginga Boo UK is re – organising the UK Open Competition Kizomba & Urban Kiz 15/17th December 2023.
UK Open 2023 Competition event link : More details to be announced soon…
These workshops will help any students looking to improve, develop and challenge themselves.
We want to help our students work on their dancing, and be inspired by our quality international artists to push them to LEVEL UP.
We also want to give the opportunity to the students who live outside London to join us as they can get return train on the same day to attend (cheaper than staying overnight in London).

sGinga Boo Kizomba Festival UK / Milton Keynes

Event link for all info : 

https://gingaboo.com/events/gbkf-uk-2/ 🙂

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