Workshop 2

Kizomba intensive beginners day course Sunday 3rd November 

​F​​​​ancy learning Kizomba ?


-Fancy learning Kizomba ?
Fancy learning fast ?
Fancy individual coaching ?
Fancy find out more about this beautiful dance ?
Fancy knowing the difference in the Musicality between Kiozmba ? Semba ? Urban Kiz ? Ghetto Zouk ? Tarraxinha ?


We will have two part during the so two package depending of what you would like to do.
To do Part 2 we preferably suggest that part 1 is done. if you have never dance Kizomba before.
Part 2 can also be done if you would like to refresh on your basics.

- Join our Kizomba intensive ‘Step in Dance’ course. This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience in dancing Kizomba. 3hours workshop plus one hour of practice.
- We are committed to making sure our students develop a strong foundation so they can dance smoothly and elegantly with balance, musicality, movement and connection in every step.
- To help you do that we have a structured and fun syllabus to ensure a steady development and have you dancing like a pro in no time!

Beginners to get you from →2-left feet-not-dancing-at-all← to →well-grounded Kizombeiro← with a decent knowledge of a dance, steps and skills to dance with your partner all night long.

The workshop course : 3 hours plus 1hr practise and will provide you with Kizomba - ->
● Steps, ● Variations, ● Combinations, ● Patterns and more….
▪️Foundations,▪️ Grounding, ▪️Travelling,
▪️Technique, ▪️Connection,
▪️ Lead for men, ▪️ Follow for women,▪️ Musicality.
▪️Learn▪️consolidate - -> - ->- ->- ->- ->
▪️practise ▪️practise▪️practise▪️practise!

🔺Come and meet new, like-minded people!
🔺If you wanting to learn URBAN KIZ this course is very good for you too for your foundations.
🔺Anyone who are struggling and confused beginners welcome!
🔺Anyone who wants to review their basics welcome!
🔺Anyone that want to learn to lead also very good to start of with.

🔺🔺🔺PRICES + fees 🔺🔺🔺

Overs 7.5hours of training all in one day.

Part 1 1pm -4.30pm Beginners
Part 2 5pm - 8pm Beginners +++

All prices below will increase leading to the event

🔺Part 1 🔺£30 NOW at the door £45

🔺Part 2 🔺 £30 NOW at the door £45

🔺Both Part 1 & 2 🔺 £55 NOW at the door £70

🔺Buy advance ticket
🌟Registration will close on Sat 12th October
Pass on to your friends and let them know, help us sharing the events.

💥LIMITED TO 16 PEOPLE as we would like to be able to be working closely & giving personal feedback to our students in small group format.

The Warwick 1-3 Warwick st, Soho W1B 5LR

See you on the dance floor �

Looking forward to meet you to give you the tools you need to take your dancing to the next level �

Your main teacher: Sonny Varela
Sonny Varela is the UK Kizomba Champion 2015/16, and 3rd World Kizomba Champions at Africadancar 2015 international Kizomba competition with her dancer partner.

Sonny Varela (UK)
Show & dance video demo :
�"The Cosmic Attraction "
�"Feeling the Doll"
�Africadancar competition
1st -
�2nd -
�Sonny & Nino Semba
�Sonny at AYCD

Her philosophy about Kizomba :
"Kizomba is like having a conversation with two connected bodies,he communicates the movements, she listens and replies"

Sonny is also director of SVPromotions/ Ginga Boo UK an event company, that brings to you in UK (Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Afro beats and more) events, parties, classes, workshop with international & UK artists.

Where: The Warwick 1-3 Warwick st, Soho W1B 5LR 
Cost: check on the description