Testimonials – Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – March – London

​See what everyone thought of our recent festival


Well done to you Sonny and to everyone - heard some great feedback from friends who were there this weekend

​​Sam Cooper


Well done


and everyone that bring a stone to make this great moment happen.

​​Stanley Décembre


​​Well for the event Sonny! It was a great weekend and everyone worked so hard to make it happen thank you for having me and Jay teach !

​Natalie Proc


Well done Sonny, thanks for spreading the love for dance in such a strong way, you are very brave Thanks for having us over

​​Maribel Torres


​Thank you so much my BIG Family amazing ENERGY

​​​Bonifacio Auro


Thanks to all of you ! Great work !

​Maj Douline


Merci beaucoup à tous pour votre accueil.

J'ai passé un excellent week-end en votre compagnie que du bonheur.
Sonny Varela merci pour ta confiance un grand festival avec tout les qualités requises qu'on cherche , djs aux top, Artistes fantastiques les staff avec des sourires et sympathie à revendre .
J'ai fais des super belles rencontres je me suis éclatée et je vous garde dans mon .
Les cours avec Bonifacio Aurio comme d'habitude excellent avec beaucoup de joie et bonne humeur.
Merci à tous qu'on participer à mon cours de ginga et de funana vous êtes tous des fous comme moi beaucoup d'énergiepositive aiiiii quel endurance 🥵🤪. J'espère vous voir bientôt.

​​Alexandra De Brito


​Thanks for everything we had very nice time with all of you, great job Sonny and staff congrats !

​​​Sara & Jo.


Thank you and well done to you


 and your amazing team for everything!​

​​​​Jay Jay


Thanks to you

@Sonny Varela

and your team . We all wanted to have a good time and we succeeded . Take care of yourself



​​Thank you for a great weekend Sonny. I hope to see all of you soon!

​​​​Eleanor Coombs


Thanks Sonny for having me there I hope to see u all soon be safe



Thanks to all of you for sharing this event with us Vendetta was really happy to be part of this weekend



Ginga Boo was on fire!!!

Nao Mav


Thanks again Sonny Varela for the invitation i had a greaaat time with people there !
You guys rock it all 🤩🤩


The funuba class with Alexandra De Brito Full daamnn it’s was amazing 🤩🤩 thank you

I will be back for sure !!!!



What I loved most was the fairly equal leaders to followers ratio and the non selective dance mode..

Everyone dancing with everybody aka Social dancing . Few dances in the corridors.. love it.. 🕺

I'm still smiling, and hope it doesn't wear off in the coming isolation weeks ahead.

Chuck'wuma Amadi


Great Festival! Dancers/Teachers/Classes/Music/Atmosphere: Brilliant 🙂
My first as part of a team - next level tired but more fun and rewarding. Thanks team for being so welcoming xx Congratulations Sonny Varela on a job well done in difficult times.

Natasha Fontenelle


On my way home after an amazing weekend full of memories...
Thanks to everyone who made it happen, specially knowing what the situation is like at the moment, but Sonny Varela you are very brave and definetly you have a team behind that give you support the way you deserve it, well done


What a fantastic festival! I had a superb time, loved every minute! Thank you so much, Sonny Varela, for all your hard work, and to all the teachers, DJs, taxi-dancers, everyone who danced with me - and to Chuck'wuma Amadi and Anselmo Mariano Tavares for letting me take refuge with them!

Sue Copeland


I’m shattered... I had the privilege of being invited to teach one class and ended teaching 3 !
3 hours of lessons have these old bones aching but a great time ..

There was plenty of hand sanitizer and we danced away !

Can’t wait for tonight !

Congratulations Sonny Varela and the team for rising to this unprecedented challenge . See you tonight!

Rashida Forbes