Testimonials from the GingaBoo Festival / Kizomba awards 2019


Thanks to all the organisers at GingaBooKizz - this was my first ever social kizomba festival! I only managed to attend the saturday, but it was amazing, plus thanks to all the men who danced with me at the party (#beginner hope your toes have recovered 😆)

Looking forward to next year,.... ps: would love some extra Afrohouse/Dancehall 👌



​Ginga Boo Kizz Festival was a well thought out well organised event in a great location which included... The local train station, parking,  hotels, restaurant, shopping, take away food. Bars. All walking distance to the venue. Sonny, like my teacher told me. It good to share music and dance. Keep spreading the word KIZOMBA/URBAN. You and your team did a fantastic job. Thanks for inviting me to play my small part. To all the competitors... Teachers, DJs, promoter keep doing what your doing. Sonny, becauce of your contribution and hard work you bought people together and put GINGA BOO KIZZ on the map. Well done.🎉🎈🎉 Looking forward to your 2020 event.

​Norma Facey


​You did an amazing job Sonny Varela, you and your team. Very well done you all for a superbly organised weekend, despite the issues you faced in the beginning. X

​Eudora Okoro-Andrew


​Awesome!! A weekend of awesomeness.

​Conrad Burgin


Good job and good weekend! Lizzie and I enjoyed it. 👏👏

Leon Williams Well said, Sonny. A truly great weekend.

​Mathew Wadman


​A great festival, with a really good balance of male/female, it makes such a big difference to the atmosphere. Great teachers, wonderful DJ's and my special award goes to Lucia for cooking so much food almost single handedly (I may have peeled a couple of boiled eggs 😂) and being such a nice guest to have in my house 💖💖💖

​Alison Brown