Kizomba Thursday – Ginga Boo Night

Kizomba Thursday - Ginga Boo Night - Every Thursday 

Kizomba Thursday is now closed for the rest of the year and we will back in January, keep an eye on our updates for more info.

Semba course / Kizomba classes / Afro animation / Party  Central London

#KizombaThursday - #GingaBoo Night *Meet up with friends and socialise...

#GingaBoo is happy to present our #KizombaThursday, we will be running Semba course & Kizomba classes with our resident teacher Mr Rico Suave & Adda Dociu and Riquita Alta, Leny & Sonny a party with our resident Dj Miro.

▪️NEW SEMBA COURSE STARTS January details coming son...

(Finished just before XMAS period)

Get in touch to register and secure your spot at

Semba 3 levels 

▪️7.45pm- 8.45pm Absolute Beginners/ Beginners - Sonny (level 1 / drop in)

▪️7.45pm-8.45pm Beginners /Improvers - Riquita (level 2/ drop in) 

▪️7.30pm-9pm Improvers/ Intermediate - Rico & Adda  (level 3 / course) 

9.05pm Kizomba 3 levels 

▪️Beginners Leny / level 1

▪️Improvers Sonny Varela / level 2

▪️Intermediates Rico Suave / level 3

Level 3 Semba course + Kizomba Class + Party all included refer to the course price (Rico & Adda Course) 

Pay at the door 

Levels 1 / 2 ▪️ 2 classes + Party £10

Level 1 / 2 / 3 ▪️ 1 class + Party £8

Party only £5  PARTY 10PM - TILL 1/1.30am  Dj Miro Kikola Dj Of the Year  

Playing the best Kizomba, Semba, Ghetto Zouk , Afrohouse/ beats etc...

FREE 4 first time you must register online
Beginners we have 8 weeks syllabus that will take your dancing to the next level, come and join in to learn Kizomba in not time with our structure teaching method to help you to grow into a beautiful Kizomba dancer.

When: Thursday from 7:30
Cost: + Semba class is more, check register
Kizomba class only & Party (open to everyone) £8
Party w/ Dj Miro Kikokla £5

5 mins walk from Angel station