Kizomba Thursday - Ginga Boo Night - Every Thursday
Semba course / Kizomba classes / Afro animation / Party  Central London 
Long Acre 1 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9NY
Leicester Square / Covent Garden

#KizombaThursday - #GingaBoo Night *Meet up with friends and socialise...
                        #GingaBoo is happy to present our #KizombaThursday, we will be running Semba course & Kizomba classes with our resident teacher                                               Mr Rico Suave & Adda Dociu and Riquita Alta, Leny, Sonny a party with our resident Dj Miro.
NEW KIZOMBA CLASSES  FORMAT - 3 levels instead of 2 levels  from 4th July
▪️9.05pm Kizomba classes 3 Levels
▪️Beginners -  Leny Leo
▪️Improvers - Sonny Varela
▪️Intermediates - Rico Suave
▪️10pm Party till 1.30am with our resident Dj Miro Kikola
Playing the best Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Ghetto Zouk , Afrohouse etc...

FREE first time you must register online
?Beginners we have 8 weeks syllabus that will take your dancing to the next level, come and join in to learn Kizomba in not time with our structure teaching method to help you to grow into a beautiful Kizomba dancer ?

Kizomba classes 3 LEVELS & Party (open to the public all year around)
▪️1 Kizomba class + Social £8
▪️Party w/ Dj Miro Kikokla £5 10pm -1.30am


▪️NEW SEMBA COURSE starts 18th July - Register in advance only
Register only in advance (read below for all details)
7.45pm- 8.45pm Absolute Beginners - Sonny
7.45pm-8.45pm Beginners /Improvers - Riquita
7.30pm-9pm Improvers/ Intermediate - Rico & Adda

>>The Semba Dance Mystery revealed!!! "12 WEEKS SEMBA INTENSIVE COURSE" 2 levels
?Renown International teachers at your door step in London ?Learning Semba will immensely improve your Kizomba skills

LIMITED SPACES - 12 couples per each level 1 / 2 / 3
❌First come first served ❌
Absolute beginners ▪️ Everyone is welcome  - Beginners / Improvers ▪️ Everyone is welcome
Improvers / Intermediate ▪️We require an improvers Kizomba level to attend this course.
You can register alone on any of them / no partner required
▪️If you are interested into the course email us to be registered and secure your spot at (and so that we can verify your dancing level for the higher level)
▪️The SEMBA course package will also include at discounted price 1hr Kizomba classes + Social dancing with our International teachers & Dj.

We are looking to help & grow the dancers that would like to take their dancing to the next level.

Over 48 hours of dancing in 3 months to improve your dancing!

BRING A FRIEND get £40 discount on your Semba course (get in touch)

?Absolute Beginners - Level 1 12 weeks £130
▪️1 hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £44 a month get in touch at

?Beginners / Improvers - Level 2 12 weeks £150
▪️1 hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £50 a month get in touch at

?Improvers / Intermediates - Level 3 12 weeks £200
▪️1.30hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £67 a month get in touch at

Get in touch to register to secure your spot! 

Long Acre 1 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9NY / Leicester Square / Covent Garden

Ginga Boo Kizz Wednesday - Bar Salsa Temple - Kizomba Room 

Salsa Bachata Kizomba WEDNESDAY presents ?Ritmo Latino & Ginga Boo event present 2 rooms Ginga Boo Kizz Wednesday with our Djs our rotation 

RIO ROOM : ?7.55pm Urban Kiz class ?8.45pm Kizomba / 2 levels   - Beginners plus : Lee Imp -Int : Sonny

?1 Class £7 2 Classes £10 3 Classes £12 (You can do extra Salsa or Bachata if you wish from 7pm or after)

FREE before 9.00pm  -  Party £5  - Playing the best Kizomba / Urban Kiz / Semba / Afrohouse / Ghetto Zouk / Tarraxinha / Urban Tarrax/ Cabo love..

HAVANA ROOM / Salsa & Bachata from 7pm  Bachata / 3 levels  - 9.45pm Party with Dj Julian M / Chino / Dj Oreo


NEW! Urban Kiz Friday - Ginga Boo Night - Friday 23rd August - Central London 

Back with fantastic news for our reopening night ?
➗ Central London / close to the station ➗ Elegant & Classy venue  ➗ Beautiful dancefloor

➗ Air conditioning  ➗ Party till 3 AM!!!➗ Fine cocktails  ➗ Delicious food menu

?Friday 23rd August Pre- Bank Holiday Weekend?

▪️9pm FREE Urban Kiz classes / 2 levels ▪️10pm Party till 3AM!?5 hours of dancing ?
▪️Guest Djs on rotation ▪️Dj Visser & Dj 5StarKid
Top Djs known for their amazing talented Urban Kiz djing skills, they will be kicking of our reopening night
to Urbanise the dancefloor till very late
➗Music policy : Focus Urban Kiz
Urban Kiz | Ghetto Zouk | Urban Tarraxa | Kizomba | Tarraxinha | Douceur | Cabo Love | Zouk and more...

➗ Venue Dress Code Policy :  Smart | Elegant | Classy | Stylish  ❌NO trainers ❌NO cap ❌NO tracksuit

▪️FREE Urban Kiz classes ▪️Payment : Pre-tickets sales online (ONLY)
▪️EARLY BIRD TICKETS + fees  ㊗️ Party £10 until 4th August
▪️THEREAFTER TICKETS + fees ㊗️ Party £12 until 19th August  ㊗️ Party £15 untill 23rd August
Online payment closes at 8pm 23rd August  Link :
㊙️MAXIMUM 120 peoples please don’t leave it untill last minutes㊗️ ❌TICKETS CAN NOT BE BOUGHT AT THE DOOR

The Sway Bar   61-65 Great Queens Street WC2B 5BZ

▪️Tube : Piccadilly line & Central line is working all night long, plus other lines as well as Night Bus running all night.

Our aim is to open every 2nd Friday of every month with few exceptions due to venue avaibilities
?FRIDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER  : Dj Visser - Dj Rosanna Fox  ?FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER  : Dj Andrizie - Dj Visser
?FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER : Dj Koko - Dj Andrizie  ?DECEMBER date coming soon...

▪️Contact details :
Website :   Email :

?? ? Ginga Boo your life ? ? ?

*Due to new GDPR regulations we would like to advise by purchasing a ticket for the event you consent to be potentially included in promotional pictures during the event, should you wish to opt out please speak with one of the organisers and fill out an opt out form upon check-in / issue of your wristband.

Criola Kizomba Montly Party / Saturday 7th September 2019 - Kizomba - MOB 


Ginga Boo is pleased to announce the Criola Kizomba monthly Saturday party in the UK with TWO ROOMS 2019
Our Criola monthly parties simply mean one thing - Party in Style – Party in Festival Style in the heart of London.

🔴Saturday 7th September - Stylish theme 🔴
▪️Day Intensive Workshop + Evening classes + Party till late
▪️12PM -3PM Day Workshop - KIZOMBA - MOB con Suave
▪️Teachers Rico & Adda
▪️Party : Dj Sabura (PT) Dj Koko (UK) Dj Joe (UK) Dj Visser (UK)

We will be working with Rico & Adda closely on delivering a KIZOMBA MOB (Kizomba flashmob).
They will be providing and teaching us choreography.
We’ll be learning in an intensive workshop and at the end we will shoot the video, all together, to create nice souvenir & have something great to remember.
‼️UK Show us your KIZOMBA Style - Moves - Ginga
3 hours Intensive Kizomba con SUAVE day workshop to:
▪Learn choreography
▪Improve your dancing
▪Practice steps, moves & do plenty of repetition to consolidate it in your memory &
so you can show it off on your dance floor later on
▪Afternoon video shoot for an 1 hour
▪Beautiful memory of a video dancing together as group in UK
(you do not have to participate on the video if you do not wish to still enjoy the intensive Kizomba workshop & Party)
Ps : We will be asking everyone to wear a similar outfit.
Details to make you all look beautiful and a part of a group on the video coming soon...
After registering at some point you will receive the music mix and the idea of the choreography so you can all be more prepared.

For the KIZOMBA MOB we will require only higher level and a minimum of 1.5 years of dancing and it will have to be approved by the main teachers.

*You can book alone or as a couple

Limited to 12 couples (for video shooting)
‼️3 hours Intensive Workshop - 1 hour Video shooting -
‼️ evening classes - Party
Couple £75 / Single £40 till 12th August
Couple £85 / Single £45 till 25th August
Couple £95 / Single £50 till 1st Septembre
Couple £105 / Single £55 till 6th September

Link fo payment for single pass
Link fo payment for couple Pass

Without video shooting
‼️3 hours Intensive Workshop - Evening classes - Party
Couple £65 / Single £35 till 12th August
Couple £75 / Single £40 till 25th August
Couple £85 / Single £45 till 1st September
Couple £95 / Single £50 till 6th September

Link fo payment for single pass
Link fo payment for couple Pass

23rd Feb - Dj Ash (FR) - 9th March - Dj Koko (UK) - 6th April - 11th May - Dj Gass Kizomba (FR) - 1st June  - 10th August  - 7th September - 5th October - 9th November  - 14th December  2019

Criola Kizomba your life ????

Kizomba intensive beginners coming soon...

Fancy learning Kizomba or Urban Kiz ?


- Join our Intensive workshop ‘Step in Dance’ course. This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience in dancing Kizomba or Urban Kiz.
- We are committed to making sure our students develop a strong foundation so they can dance smoothly and elegantly with balance, musicality, movement and connection in every step.
- To help you do that we have a structured and fun syllabus to ensure a steady development and have you dancing like a pro in no time.
Beginners to get you from →2-left feet-not-dancing-at-all← to →well-grounded Kizombeiro← with a decent knowledge of a dance, steps and skills to dance with your partner all night long. 

We will cover the history of the two dances, the differences between the two dances Kizomba & Urban Kiz, style, postures, steps, body movement, musicality etc... 

The workshop course will provide you with Kizomba or Urban Kiz - -> 
● Steps, ● Variations, ● Combinations, ● Patterns and more…. 
▪️Connection,▪️ Lead for men, 
▪️ Follow for women,▪️ Musicality...

After this course you will have a clear ideas of how to use your all your basics with variations and use multiple steps for Kizomba : Side to side, slow steps, basic one, basic two, basics two variation, Box, Shuffle (chacha), Virgula, Estrella, Body movement, and much more...

Urban Kiz : Side steps, Touches, Block , Breaks, Basics variations, Suffle (chacha), Urban saidas, Open saidas, Side hug, Titanic, Ochos, Grapevine, Sidevine, 

▪️Learn▪️consolidate▪️practise ▪️practise ▪️practise! 

{Come and meet new, like-minded people! No partner required. 
Anyone who are struggling and confused beginners welcome! 
Anyone who wants to review their basics welcome! 
Basics are key to good dancers.

Your teacher : 
Kizomba Sonny Varela - Urban Kiz Lee Archer 
{{{{{{{{{PRICE))))))))) SEPARATE ROOMS
Kizomba Intensive Beginners  Urban Kiz Intensive Beginners  From 2pm to 5pm
3hours Intensive + 2 evening classes + 5 hrs party £25 online or pay more at the door £35

Haverstock - 24 Haverstock hill NW3 2BQ 

GINGA BOO KIZZ FESTIVAL UK - Milton Keynes 26-28 th JULY 2019 #GBKF 

Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK  26-28th  JULY 2019 - 2nd Summer Edition

After our successful GBKF UK January 2019...
We would like to present you our next edition GBKF July 2019.
??#GBKF 26-28th JULY 2019??

Sonny Varela Promotions/ Ginga Boo would like to welcome you to the second edition of Ginga Boo Kizz festival! 
Based in the UK/London and over 3 days, we will be welcoming TOP INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS & DJS who are already excited to meet you all & share their invaluable knowledge with you all.

Ginga Boo Kizz Festival GBKF focuses on:

Friday we will open with warm up with classes and party.
Saturday we welcome you to our all day workshop followed by all night dancing as we want to you to enjoy the dancing to its maximum - to make sure you are fuelled with only the best energy! 
Sunday will continue with workshop of various styles and by some more scrumptious social dancing...just what the doctor ordered to wrap up what will be a truly wonderful weekend.
Bring your wonderful selves, dress to impress or come along in whatever suits your style to a weekend guaranteed to fill your souls with dancing passion..

more follow the link  : ​​​​

GBKF UK LONDON 13-14TH MARCH 2020  : Kizomba Festival UK