Kizomba Thursday - Ginga Boo Night - Every Thursday
Semba course / Kizomba classes / Afro animation / Party  Central London 
Long Acre 1 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9NY
Leicester Square / Covent Garden

#KizombaThursday - #GingaBoo Night *Meet up with friends and socialise...
                        #GingaBoo is happy to present our #KizombaThursday, we will be running Semba course & Kizomba classes with our resident teacher                                               Mr Rico Suave & Adda Dociu and Riquita Alta, Leny, Sonny a party with our resident Dj Miro.
NEW KIZOMBA CLASSES  FORMAT - 3 levels instead of 2 levels  from 4th July
▪️9.05pm Kizomba classes 3 Levels
▪️Beginners -  Leny Leo
▪️Improvers - Sonny Varela
▪️Intermediates - Rico Suave
▪️10pm Party till 1.30am with our resident Dj Miro Kikola
Playing the best Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Ghetto Zouk , Afrohouse etc...

FREE first time you must register online
?Beginners we have 8 weeks syllabus that will take your dancing to the next level, come and join in to learn Kizomba in not time with our structure teaching method to help you to grow into a beautiful Kizomba dancer ?

Kizomba classes 3 LEVELS & Party (open to the public all year around)
▪️1 Kizomba class + Social £8
▪️Party w/ Dj Miro Kikokla £5 10pm -1.30am


▪️NEW SEMBA COURSE starts 18th July - Register in advance only
Register only in advance (read below for all details)
7.45pm- 8.45pm Absolute Beginners - Sonny
7.45pm-8.45pm Beginners /Improvers - Riquita
7.30pm-9pm Improvers/ Intermediate - Rico & Adda

>>The Semba Dance Mystery revealed!!! "12 WEEKS SEMBA INTENSIVE COURSE" 2 levels
?Renown International teachers at your door step in London ?Learning Semba will immensely improve your Kizomba skills

LIMITED SPACES - 12 couples per each level 1 / 2 / 3
❌First come first served ❌
Absolute beginners ▪️ Everyone is welcome  - Beginners / Improvers ▪️ Everyone is welcome
Improvers / Intermediate ▪️We require an improvers Kizomba level to attend this course.
You can register alone on any of them / no partner required
▪️If you are interested into the course email us to be registered and secure your spot at (and so that we can verify your dancing level for the higher level)
▪️The SEMBA course package will also include at discounted price 1hr Kizomba classes + Social dancing with our International teachers & Dj.

We are looking to help & grow the dancers that would like to take their dancing to the next level.

Over 48 hours of dancing in 3 months to improve your dancing!

BRING A FRIEND get £40 discount on your Semba course (get in touch)

?Absolute Beginners - Level 1 12 weeks £130
▪️1 hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £44 a month get in touch at

?Beginners / Improvers - Level 2 12 weeks £150
▪️1 hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £50 a month get in touch at

?Improvers / Intermediates - Level 3 12 weeks £200
▪️1.30hr Semba + 1hr Kizomba class + Social dancing
By instalment £67 a month get in touch at

Get in touch to register to secure your spot! 

Long Acre 1 Upper St. Martin's Lane, London WC2H 9NY / Leicester Square / Covent Garden

Ginga Boo Kizz Wednesday - Bar Salsa Temple - Kizomba Room 

Salsa Bachata Kizomba WEDNESDAY presents ?Ritmo Latino & Ginga Boo event present 2 rooms Ginga Boo Kizz Wednesday with our Djs our rotation 

RIO ROOM : ?7.55pm Urban Kiz class ?8.45pm Kizomba / 2 levels   - Beginners plus : Lee Imp -Int : Sonny

?1 Class £7 2 Classes £10 3 Classes £12 (You can do extra Salsa or Bachata if you wish from 7pm or after)

FREE before 9.00pm  -  Party £5  - Playing the best Kizomba / Urban Kiz / Semba / Afrohouse / Ghetto Zouk / Tarraxinha / Urban Tarrax/ Cabo love..

HAVANA ROOM / Salsa & Bachata from 7pm  Bachata / 3 levels  - 9.45pm Party with Dj Julian M / Chino / Dj Oreo


NEW! Urban Kiz Friday - Ginga Boo Night - Friday 11th October - Central London 

Back with fantastic news for our reopening night ?
➗ Central London / close to the station ➗ Elegant & Classy venue  ➗ Beautiful dancefloor

➗ Air conditioning  ➗ Party till 3 AM!!!➗ Fine cocktails  ➗ Delicious food menu

?Friday 23rd August Pre- Bank Holiday Weekend?

▪️9pm FREE Urban Kiz classes / 2 levels ▪️10pm Party till 3AM!?5 hours of dancing ?
▪️Guest Djs on rotation ▪️Dj Visser & Dj 5StarKid
Top Djs known for their amazing talented Urban Kiz djing skills, they will be kicking of our reopening night
to Urbanise the dancefloor till very late
➗Music policy : Focus Urban Kiz
Urban Kiz | Ghetto Zouk | Urban Tarraxa | Kizomba | Tarraxinha | Douceur | Cabo Love | Zouk and more...

➗ Venue Dress Code Policy :  Smart | Elegant | Classy | Stylish  ❌NO trainers ❌NO cap ❌NO tracksuit

▪️FREE Urban Kiz classes ▪️Payment : Pre-tickets sales online (ONLY)
▪️EARLY BIRD TICKETS + fees  ㊗️ Party £10 until 4th August
▪️THEREAFTER TICKETS + fees ㊗️ Party £12 until 19th August  ㊗️ Party £15 untill 23rd August
Online payment closes at 8pm 23rd August  Link :
㊙️MAXIMUM 120 peoples please don’t leave it untill last minutes㊗️ ❌TICKETS CAN NOT BE BOUGHT AT THE DOOR

The Sway Bar   61-65 Great Queens Street WC2B 5BZ

▪️Tube : Piccadilly line & Central line is working all night long, plus other lines as well as Night Bus running all night.

Our aim is to open every 2nd Friday of every month with few exceptions due to venue avaibilities
?FRIDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER  : Dj Visser - Dj Rosanna Fox  ?FRIDAY 11th OCTOBER  : Dj Andrizie - Dj Visser
?FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER : Dj Koko - Dj Andrizie  ?DECEMBER date coming soon...

▪️Contact details :
Website :   Email :

?? ? Ginga Boo your life ? ? ?

*Due to new GDPR regulations we would like to advise by purchasing a ticket for the event you consent to be potentially included in promotional pictures during the event, should you wish to opt out please speak with one of the organisers and fill out an opt out form upon check-in / issue of your wristband.

Criola Kizomba Montly Party / Saturday 4th January 2020


Ginga Boo UK is pleased to announce the Criola the 1st Kizomba monthly Saturday party in the UK with TWO ROOMS focusing in Kizomba and umbrellas branch only.
We aim to be running every 2nd Saturday of the month with few exceptions.

🔹Ginga Boo UK aims to recreate the festival feeling right in the heart of London by offering two party rooms with our "Ginga Boo room" dedicated to Kizomba, and the "Bijoulili room" dedicated to Urban Kiz!!!

🔹Our parties offer dancers of different styles access to all the varieties of Kizomba umbrella music genres, with dedicated rooms and the best DJ’s to cater to your music choices all night long!!! There is therefore never a dull moment at our parties!!!
🔹We also provide different themed workshop some month to help the growth of UK dancers.
🔹Our dancers can now stay in Generator hostel and walk downstairs to party, have food, drink and they also serve breakfast.

🔹Our Criola monthly parties simply mean one thing -
Party in Style – Party in Festival Style!!!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ DAYTIME ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

▪️Enah & Pocahontas
3-6pm 3 hours workshop Improvers / Intermediate (only)
▪️Lee Archer
3-6pm 3 hours workshop Beginners / Beginners +++

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ EVENING £15 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

▪️FREE classes Kizomba & Urban Kiz / Afro Warmup
GB Team Lee - Qas & Joan - Leny - Sonny -Charles

▪️Party 2 ROOMS till 4.30AM/5AM
★ Urban Kiz room : Dj Koko - Dj Andrizie
★ Kizomba Room : Dj #MiroKikola - Dj Koko

Taxi dancers :
To be announced

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ PRICES ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

🔺Enah & Pocahontas Improvers / Intermediate
(less than a year dancing can not attend this level)
3 hours Workshop & Party

*Passes will only be sold per couple 1 leader & 1 follower
it does not have to be your dance partner we are selling ticket per pair to have the right ratio between the two gender and allow everyone to fully enjoy the experience.

🔥Lee Archer Beginners / Beginners +++
3 hours Workshop & Party
Single pass can be bought

🚨ATTENTION All prices will increase leading to the event 🚨

🔺1st set Couples £80 NOW
🔺2nd set Couples £90
🔺3rd set Couples £100
🔺4th set Couples £120 🚨 AT THE DOOR

🔥1st set Single £30 NOW
🔥2nd set Single £35
🔥3rd set Single £40
🔥4th set Single £45 🚨 AT THE DOOR

Link for payment :

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ADDRESS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Generator - (Russel Square station 4 minutes walk)
37 Tavistock Place, London, England, WC1H 9SE

LOOKING FOR SOMEWHERE TO STAY ?! ( In the same venue)
The Generator Hostel

You can use our promo code to get discount on rooms with bed bunk or private twin room, private three rooms etc...

Promo code coming soon...

Example of their rate depending of the period of the year...
Twin Room Private £100 -£160
Bed in 6 Bed Dormitory £20 - £35
Twin Room with shared bathroom £100 -£135
Triple Room with shared bathroom £135 -£150
Bed in Quad with shared bathroom £20- £35

Standards in the room
- Pillow, duvet, linen - Power sockets
- Under-bed lockers - Bedside lamps -Wifi

Dates 2020 :
4th January
13-15th March Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK
11th April
24th May / Sunday Bank Holiday
13th June
17-19th July Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK
30th August / Sunday Bank Holiday
12th September
23-26th October Kizomba Festival
14th November
12th December

Contact :
▪️E-mail :
▪️Facebook page : SVPromotions
▪️Facebook group :

Kizomba Beginners Intensive day course Sunday 13th October

Fancy learning Kizomba  ? Fancy learning Kizomba ?
Fancy learning Kizomba ?
Fancy learning fast ?
Fancy individual coaching ?
Fancy find out more about this beautiful dance ?
Fancy knowing the difference in the Musicality between Kiozmba ? Semba ? Urban Kiz ? Ghetto Zouk ? Tarraxinha ?


We will have two part during the so two package depending of what you would like to do.
To do Part 2 we preferably suggest that part 1 is done. if you have never dance Kizomba before.
Part 2 can also be done if you would like to refresh on your basics.

- Join our Kizomba intensive ‘Step in Dance’ course. This is an introductory course for students who have little or no experience in dancing Kizomba. 3hours workshop plus one hour of practice.
- We are committed to making sure our students develop a strong foundation so they can dance smoothly and elegantly with balance, musicality, movement and connection in every step.
- To help you do that we have a structured and fun syllabus to ensure a steady development and have you dancing like a pro in no time!

Beginners to get you from →2-left feet-not-dancing-at-all← to →well-grounded Kizombeiro← with a decent knowledge of a dance, steps and skills to dance with your partner all night long.

The workshop course : 3 hours plus 1hr practise and will provide you with Kizomba - ->
● Steps, ● Variations, ● Combinations, ● Patterns and more….
▪️Foundations▪️ Grounding▪️Travelling▪️Technique▪️Connection▪️ Lead for men ▪️ Follow for women▪️ Musicality.
▪️Learn▪️consolidate - -> - ->- ->- ->- ->
▪️practise ▪️practise▪️practise▪️practise!

🔺Come and meet new, like-minded people!
🔺If you wanting to learn URBAN KIZ this course is very good for you too for your foundations.
🔺Anyone who are struggling and confused beginners welcome!
🔺Anyone who wants to review their basics welcome!
🔺Anyone that want to learn to lead also very good to start of with.

🔺🔺🔺PRICES + fees 🔺🔺🔺

Overs 7.5hours of training all in one day.

Part 1 1pm -4.30pm Beginners  /    Part 2 5pm - 8pm Beginners +++

All prices below will increase leading to the event

🔺Part 1 🔺£30 NOW at the door £45

🔺Part 2 🔺 £30 NOW at the door £45

🔺Both Part 1 & 2 🔺 £55 NOW at the door £90

🔺Buy advance ticket
🌟Registration will close on Sat 12th October
Pass on to your friends and let them know, help us sharing the events.

💥LIMITED TO 16 PEOPLE as we would like to be able to be working closely & giving personal feedback to our students in small group format.

The Warwick 1-3 Warwick st, Soho W1B 5LR

See you on the dance floor �

Looking forward to meet you to give you the tools you need to take your dancing to the next level �

Your main teacher: Sonny Varela
Sonny Varela is the UK Kizomba Champion 2015/16, and 3rd World Kizomba Champions at Africadancar 2015 international Kizomba competition with her dancer partner.

Sonny Varela (UK)
Show & dance video demo :
�"The Cosmic Attraction "
�"Feeling the Doll"
�Africadancar competition
1st -
�2nd -
�Sonny & Nino Semba
�Sonny at AYCD

Her philosophy about Kizomba :
"Kizomba is like having a conversation with two connected bodies,he communicates the movements, she listens and replies"

Sonny is also director of SVPromotions/ Ginga Boo UK an event company, that brings to you in UK (Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Afro beats and more) events, parties, classes, workshop with international & UK artists.

GBKF UK LONDON 13-14TH MARCH 2020  : Kizomba Festival UK