Criola May Bank Holiday Workshop & Party

★ Kizomba ★ Urban Kiz ★

★ Sunday 24th May ★ ONILNE EVENT 

Ladies, I hear you!!

Our Juntos event on 24th May had to be cancelled due to the pandemic & government regulations.

Yes, we feel the pain of losing these events too, BUT...

Ladies, I’m listening to you and am bringing you the exciting alternative that you’ve been craving! For one day only you will have access to some of the very best women in the Kizomba and Urban Kiz World in your very own home!

Would you love to have that gorgeous natural movement that you see the very best dancers express?

Would you like to have the confidence to dance without a partner and know that you look sensational?

Whatever your level, we will have some incredible workshops to offer you through Zoom in the comfort of your own home!

You will develop greater awareness of your body, how it moves and what is natural for you! You will improve your technique, musicality and style and undoubtedly see your confidence shoot up as you do.

Whatever style you prefer, better both, every workshop will see you improve!

Not only will you gain so much from this day, but you will also be supporting artists who are feeling the strain of so many classes being cancelled.

Important info.

We will be teaching you through ZOOM, so make sure you download the app before the day. We will send you Id of the Zoom meeting before the event begins.

The day will incorporate

2- GROUP DISCUSSION INCLUDING TEACHERS & DJS / STUDENTS (ask questions, have fun enjoy knowing each other and bring your snack & drinks )
3- PARTY (where you can practise all your new moves, technic, musicality etc... and just enjoy dancing to the music)

Everyone is welcome!! Whatever your level or preferred dance, this event has so much to offer! Fellas that means you too.

💟URBAN KIZ : Junelines June (Netherlands)

Flow movement. Learn how to keep your movements fluid and move across the dancefloor like water and fire.

💟URBAN TARRAXO : Asia Voronova (Ukraine)

Work on body control and isolation, as it's the fundamental to know on how to build Tarraxo movements.
Suggested practice tips and improve your dance skills in Tarraxo, She will pay attention to musicality. How to play with different beats in music by using different amplitudes of your movements, moods and vibes.

💟SEMBA : Riquita Alta (UK)

Aim to help the ladies to connect with the music, to adapt the correct posture, to learn how to transfer the weigh and how to move the body fluidly, to walk with purpose and confidence. You will also learn some footwork and fun moves to get you in the mood for great dancing.

💟KIZOMBA : Sonny Varela (UK)

Learn to walk with grace, have your natural Ginga, work on you posture, use your hand/ arms elegantly, changes of energy depending on the music, learn different body movement using different part of the body, few variations, control and musicality.

Dj Koko (UK)
Dj Lady E (UK)

Ginga Boo your life 🙂

Schedule (subject to changes)

2.45pm - 3.40pm Riquita Alta SEMBA 
3.50pm - 4.45pm Sonny Varela KIZOMBA
4.55pm - 5.50pm Juneline Lines URBAN KIZ 
6.00pm - 6.55pm Asia Voronova - URBAN TARRAXO
7.30pm - 8pm Group discussion/ catch up / fun / laugh / drink 
8.00pm - 9.15pm Dj Koko 
9.15pm - 10.30pm Dj Lady E 

ALL DAY EVENT £15 NOW £20 on the day 
4 hours workshops 
30 minutes discussion (Artists/ Students) 
2.30h Party Boss ladies DJ 

1/2 DAY EVENT £10 NOW £15 on the day 

2 hours workshops (you choose) 
30 minutes discussion (Artists/ Students) 
2.30h Party Boss ladies DJ 

EVENING EVENT £5 (open to everyone) 

30 minutes discussion (Artists/ Students) 
2.30h Party Boss ladies DJ 

Email us to reserve your spot & for payment at