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★ Audition Ladies dance performance ★ 4th Dec

Ginga Boo UK / Sonny Varela present Ladies Performance team
Over 2 years ago Vivi & Myself created a ladies performance team, due to pandemic we have not been able to present our work to the world.
I have now decided to re launch our dancing project with some twist to the original piece 🙂

‼️Audition Sun 4th December 2022 at 3pm get in touch to register‼️

(Open to all level)

★ Online option available (get in touch)

★We are putting together a GROUP PERFORMANCE FOR LADIES which will bring together :

AFRO (2 types)

First performance will be Saturday 18th March at Criola London

A GROUP PERFORMANCE combining all those dancing styles ?

★ Why?

We want to create a new show that brings different dance styles together in a show, and gives the amazing experience of dancing as a group and becoming a team!

As dancers, we would like to show togetherness between the different dance styles and show how a beautiful performance can be created. We want to bring more dancing, fun, laughter, joy, and happiness into people’s lives.

Dancing is sharing, dancing is loving, dancing is passion, dancing is daring, dancing as no boundaries!

★ Who?

We would like dedicated students who are looking to grow in their dancing in every styles, looking to improve their styling, ginga, body movement, afro, styling, posture, balance, technic, looking for new challenges and most of all to have fun with a like minded group for the next 3 months and more. (We accept students from other dance style too)

ONLINE OPTION AVAILABLE TO PARTICIPATE (We will still need you to attend 3/4 bootcamps on a Saturday or Sundays in London/once a month)

On Sunday 4th December we will have an audition for everyone who has applied (everyone has to be present)

EASY AUDITION 3pm – 6pm : It will consist simply in dancing, meeting people we do not know and understanding which type of dancers we will be working with. Its very easy process so do not worry, everyone can take part. We will also start training on the day !



If you join the team, you will learn…

• How to work with a group: Synchronisation, energy, entertainment, cohesion are the main characteristics that you will learn by working together during the rehearsal. Everyone will have an important place in the group.

• How to move, dance and express yourself on a stage: Precision, Flow, Body movement, Self expression, Style, Musicality will be key points you will be able to improve during our different training sessions to own the stage.

• How to learn, train and perform choreography/show: Visual effects, flow, and influences from other dances will be what you can expect from this show. It will be a great to challenge yourself to give your best for the show.


Practice rehearsal & Bootcamp sessions under no pressure from early December (break for Xmas)  to March will take place normally on Wednesdays or Fridays night (can be flexible) & few Saturdays or Sundays Bootcamp (one per month). We will train in a studio together at the start for better teaching and mix up with online training towards the end. We will also require the team to practise on their own time, to maximise our time as group and be productive to get the best out of our training sessions. We will also work with videos breakdown to help our students to remember the choreography when training in their own time.

Here is a rough idea :

Studio :

Wednesday 7th/14th December ( break for xmas) then after new year it will generally be on Fridays with few exceptions to on Wednesdays or Thursday.

Bootcamp dates will be the dates below, flexible with start time  – once the group is complete we agreed what’s suitable for all.

Sunday 8th January 3pm -6pm

Saturday 11th February 3pm -6pm

Saturday 4th March or Sunday 5th March 3pm- 6pm

Meeting on 18th March early daytime for final practise before the show

We will create a what’s app group where we will encourage, support, share some love with each other throughout our beautiful dance performance journey.


1- I will be working with you closely and will push you to excel in your dancing! You will love our bootcamps and get lots of practice that will come with being in this group.

2- You will develop your own style

3- Our first performance will be at Criola London 18th March edition.

4- You will be part of a performance team that will become a beautiful dancing group, performing across the UK at different events.


There is no better way to improve you as a dancer in no time than joining a performance group, the amount of practise you will be doing do not compare to any practise you can try to achieve on your own.


7- You will receive guidance, support and tuition in a confidence building environment.

8- You will laugh…ALOT

★ Whom ?
Teacher :

Sonny Varela aka Miss Ginga Boo her work :

Ladies Kizomba Afro & fusion

Ladies Semba & Afro

Ladies Kizomba / Ginga

Semba Battle

Solo dancing

Urban kiz lady styling

Men Urban Kiz styling

Men Semba / Banga styling

★ 1st Performance date will be at the :
Criola London 18th March 2023 in London
More performances will be organised throughout the year for the group to showcase their work and perform beautifully across UK.
This is going to be an exciting opportunity for you to grow as a dancer, to learn, develop new skills and become the very best that you can. We will have a lot of fun and create something beautiful and UNIQUE!

Ps : If you wanted to access the 3 months training to improve your dancing and wish not to perform it is possible, get in touch!

PRICES : Limited Spaces!

3 months training £180 (Payment can be done twice or 3 times)

Costumes will be kept to a minimum budget!


Saint Saviours and St Olaves  
Drama Studio 
New Kent Rd, London SE1 4AN

If you think this is for you register link below and add on the comment – Audition 4 Ladies  : https://gingaboo.com/event-registration-2/

Ps : Cancellations policy no refund, you can transfer your ticket, update us with the new names up 1 day before the audition date 4th Dec

▪️Contact details :

Website :  www.gingaboo.com
FB Page : Ginga Boo UK

FB GROUP : Ginga Boo UK events
Email : admin@gingaboo.com

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