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Ginga Boo Kizz Festival UK – The UK People’s Choice Kizomba Awards – Poll Vote

The UK People’s Choice Kizomba Awards

2020-2021 | Pandemic time

These Rewards are dedicated to people who worked and contributed to our kizomba community throughout the time of “pandemic” 2020-2021.

This is the SECOND ROUND of the voting process.   YOU and other members of kizomba community will choose your winners.

Please vote for 1 person in each of these 3 categories:

a) Kizomba DJ – Pandemic 2020-21

b) Kizomba Teacher – Pandemic 2020-21

c) Kizomba Community Contribution – Pandemic 2020-21

In order to make this poll relevant, manageable and help you in your selection, we applied a few criteria in selection of the names to this round after the first round of nominations:

  • nominated by at least 3 people
  • the UK based DJ/Teacher/Contributor
  • Also, some of your nominees opted out from our awards and did not wish to participate in the event

Now, your goal is to make a selection and choose one (1) person in each of the 3 above mentioned categories that who you feel should be recognised for their input in to the community, our kizomba community and/or those who helped you or touched your life most at the time of pandemic 20-21.

Again, please vote for the contributors during the time of restrictions, lockdowns and weirdness.

This poll is anonymous and you can click at the name of 1 person in each of the categories.

>>> Please make sure that you check ALL the names on the list before you make your selection.  You can choose only one person and there’s no going back or fixing your “I did not know’s”

Please share the page with your kizomba friends, so they have their say too.

Again, just before we go and leave you to it – it is supposed to be fun, it is supposed to be light, there will be no money prizes, no big titles to take home, nor Queen speech at the end.  We just want to ACKNOWLEDGE and say BIG THANK YOU to people who continued working and/or contributing to our community.
This Award event will take place at Ginga Boo UK Kizz Festival on Saturday night 25th this month where we will reward the winners 🙂

The Polls will run till 10:00 PM on Saturday 25th. 


There were many more names in people’s nominations, which means that they touched your lives and made somebody feel better during that time, or simple that you like them.  Let them know you value and respect them and what they did.


Now again… please share this page with other kizomba colleagues, friends and partners.  Let them have their say, too!

Thank you for your participation! 


P.S. Have you got your pass for our Ginga Boo Festival UK in Milton Keynes this month, yet? The online sale, where you can get your pass at the cheaper rate, is open till Monday 20th June, after which it is ATD price only.   Click HERE to get yours NOW… save some ££ and see you on the dance floor!

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